Alabama Teen Charged With Killing His Whole Family Had Recently Learned A Secret About His Mother, Cousin Says

The Alabama teenager who allegedly killed his entire family had recently learned a devastating family secret about his parents, Yahoo News reports. Specifically, a cousin says that the boy had recently learned that the woman he thought was his mother was actually his stepmother.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, on Tuesday the Limestone County Sheriff's Office announced that a gruesome crime had taken place in the town of Elkmont. Specifically, a 14-year-old boy had been charged with the murders of John Sisk, 38, the boy's father; his stepmother, Mary Sisk, 35; his 6-year-old stepbrother; his 5-year-old stepsister; and his 6-month-old stepbrother. All of the victims had been shot and killed with a 9mm handgun. What's more, the teen allegedly admitted to killing his family members.

At the time, police didn't reveal a possible motive. However, a woman named Daisy McCarty, who identifies herself as a first cousin of the teenage suspect, says that the lad had learned recently that Mary Sisk, whom he had thought of as his mother all his life, was actually his stepmother.

"He didn't know any different of who his mom was. And they just recently told him, and I think that's really what triggered the little boy, to be honest with you," she said.

McCarty says that the boy had been given the information last week.

However, McCarty says, via Huntsville's WAFF-TV, that the boy had been "acting out" for a year or so in advance of the murders. Specifically, she says that the boy had been burning animals alive and had been breaking into and vandalizing buildings in the year leading up to the murders. She says his parents were aware of the boy's problems, which is why she was confused that they didn't get him some help earlier.

"I think he's been having problems. And everybody, I don't know why everybody didn't just see it. That's what bothers me because they'd seen it but they didn't do anything about it really," she said.

Dr. Tonya Davis, a licensed professional counselor, warns that parents, caregivers, friends, and loved ones of teenagers must be aware of when someone is showing signs that they may be violent.

"You might see disruptions in sleep, disruptions in appetite, anxiety or irritability, all or nothing thinking, or a child that's on the edge," she said.

Meanwhile, it's been revealed that earlier this year, John Sisk had been arrested on a felony charge of having a gun during a burglary. He was free on $15,000 bond at the time of his murder.