Swedish Bombshell Anna Nystrom Flaunts Her Insane Hourglass Figure In Skintight Workout Wear

Anna Nystrom flaunts her figure in a selfie
Anna Nystrom / Instagram

Swedish model, fitness trainer, and social media influencer Anna Nystrom regularly sets Instagram on fire with her saucy photos, and her latest post is generating quite the stir. Nystrom is wearing a skintight set of workout gear, and as a result, she is flaunting every one of her infamous curves.

As The Inquisitr shared a few days ago, Nystrom recently posted a workout video that sent her fans into a frenzy. It appears that she is wearing that same outfit in this photo, but she is letting her hair down and showing her followers just what she has achieved with the intense workouts she has shared.

The 27-year-old blonde beauty explains on AnnaNystrom.com that she is a licensed personal trainer and a fitness model, and she has successfully transitioned this into a worldwide brand and style all her own. She started out on Instagram in 2013, and now she boasts a following of 8.1 million fans.

In this new Instagram post, Anna is standing in a forest, her hands placed boldly on her hips. She has her long, blonde hair cascading in waves over one shoulder and she is gazing at the camera with a serious, yet sultry, look. Nystrom is giving off the vibe of being both strong and beautiful, and it is definitely resonating with her followers.

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While fans got to see plenty of Nystrom’s hourglass figure in the workout video she posted a few days ago, her stance in this new snapshot gives everybody an even better look at her incredible physique. Anna’s abs are insane, and her athletic, muscular legs are jaw-droppingly impressive.

Fans flocked to this post to show their love for it at a crazy rate. Within the first 30 minutes that it was live on Nystrom’s page, more than 27,000 people had liked it. The photo also received more than 430 comments in that same time frame, and the Swedish fitness model definitely left many people speechless with this powerful, sexy look.


The emoji were plentiful in the comment section while others called Anna god-like, beautiful, and a queen. Some of Nystrom’s followers couldn’t resist mentioning her thigh gap while others called her a superhero, superwoman, or better than Wonder Woman.

Anna isn’t showing much skin in this snapshot, but it shows enough to send her followers into a frenzy. The Swedish model has proven that she can be gorgeous and incredibly fit all at once, and she generates a buzz no matter what she is wearing.