Ana Cheri Flashes Plenty Of Flesh In Skimpy Lingerie

Ana Cheri poses for a selfie.
Ana Cheri / Instagram

Ana Cheri showed off a substantial amount of skin in her latest Instagram update on Wednesday.

In the post, Ana sat in a chair facing the camera. She wore a set of sheer lingerie with purple accents that revealed plenty of flesh. The skimpy number didn’t leave much to the imagination, and it put Ana’s incredible physique on display. She also wore a pair of thigh-high stockings with the set. The brunette bombshell held her hair up with her hands as she looked off to the side. With a face of perfectly applied makeup and parted lips, Ana gave off a sexy vibe.

The lingerie is something Ana has shared before. Last week, she stunned her followers with a post that showed them a sexy side view of her in the set. But this week’s update showing the beauty from the front got her fans to talking.

“Very gorgeous woman and gorgeous in lingerie,” one admirer wrote.

“Killing me with those tan stockings, I’m in love though,” another fan told the stunner.

One admirer told Ana she increased concentration, while another told the beauty that her husband was lucky to have such a beautiful bride. Another fan told Ana that she looked amazing and was a “10/10.”

In the post’s caption, Ana said, “The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence.”

She attributed the quote to Beyoncé, whom she wished a happy birthday.

Ana does not appear to be lacking in the confidence department. In many of her photos, she appears self-assured and, of course, gorgeous.

Ana has plenty to feel confident about. She manages a company, Cheri Fit, and she also helps her husband, Ben Moreland, run the Los Angeles-based gym Be More Athletics. The two have been married seven years and celebrated their anniversary in July.


The Instagram sensation puts in the work to get and maintain her body. She has shared many exercise routines in her Instagram stories for anyone who wants to get in shape. On her website, she also sells an 8-week program that helps women build up their booties and a 12-week program that H.I.I.T program for those wanting to burn some fat.

Ana also has a YouTube channel on which she shares all kinds of information including tips to stay fit as well as answering questions from her followers.

Fans interested in keeping up with Ana’s next confidence-filled post can follow her on Instagram.