Chanel Miller Comes Forward As ‘Emily Doe,’ Brock Turner’s Sexual Assault Victim

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The woman who was sexually assaulted by Stanford University athlete Brock Turner, previously known as “Emily Doe,” has revealed her name and face, Elle reports. Chanel Miller says the time has come for her to no longer live in anonymity.

Miller will soon release her memoir, Know My Name, which she has been working on since 2017, a year after one of the most talked-about cases of sexual assault and miscarriage of justice to have been reported in this decade.

In 2016, Miller was an anonymous sexual assault victim, her name having been shielded from the public due to the media’s, and the courts’, tradition of not publishing the names of victims of such crimes. And indeed, at the time, the news coverage of the case focused not on the victim, but on the perpetrator, Brock Turner.

On January 18, 2015, as The Stanford Daily reports, two passers-by noticed a sexual assault taking place before their eyes. Specifically, the men witnessed a man, later identified as Turner, sexually assaulting an unconscious woman with his fingers. The men put a stop to the assault and detained Turner until police arrived.

Turner was charged and brought to trial and, in a shocking development that made international headlines, was sentenced only to six months in jail (of which he would eventually serve only three), plus three years’ probation.

Soon, Turner was at the center of an international conversation about how wealth and privilege can sometimes shield white males, particularly when they commit crimes against women.

And the woman at the center of this particular case is now prepared to reveal that her her name is Chanel Miller.

In the video, which can be seen below, Miller reads for the 60 Minutes cameras a portion of the same victim-impact statement she gave to the court at Turner’s trial. Be warned: the video may be disturbing for some viewers.

“I had to force myself to re-learn my real name.”

In addition to having published her memoir, Miller will also be featured in a 60 Minutes story to air on September 22.

It’s been years since the Brock Turner story fell out of the news. Miller, for her part, has moved on with her life, having gotten her degree in Literature from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

As for Brock Turner, in June Meaww reported that he was living with his parents in Ohio and working a low-paying job at a manufacturing plant. Judge Aaron Persky, who gave Turner the light sentence, was later recalled by the voters.

Miller’s memoir hits bookstore shelves on September 24.