Ivanka Trump’s Wardrobe Malfunction In Colombia Sparks A Huge Reaction Across Twitter

Anna MoneymakerGetty Images

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump’s daughter and senior adviser Ivanka Trump made an appearance in Bogota, Colombia. The appearance may have gone as anticipated for the most part, but there was one moment during a breeze passing by outdoors that took Ivanka’s participation in an entirely different direction. The sleeves of Trump’s dress were caught by the wind and Twitter went wild over the incident.

Getty Images News shared one of the photos that generated such a huge response via their Twitter page and the image spread like wildfire. Ivanka’s dress photographed well during other parts of the event in Colombia. Unfortunately, once she was hit with a breeze, the sleeves blew up in a wild way and people on social media wasted no time in having some fun with this.

Some people quipped that Ivanka’s sleeves looked like lily pads and at least one person on Twitter joked that it looked as if Trump had been devoured by a carnivorous plant of some nature. Numerous comparisons to the president’s daughter looking like lettuce cropped up across social media and the idea she resembled a coca leaf seemed to pop up several times too.

“Ivanka is such a disgrace she has to wear TWO cones of shame.”

“Can we now all agree that Ivanka’s stylist is a very mischievous Democrat?”

Comparing the look to a type of dinosaur or lizard also surfaced numerous times on Twitter too, with one person creating the hashtag “Ivankasouras.”

“The propellers around the ends of her arms began to slow down and Ivanka glided down from the saucer. Softly, she landed on the surface of the planet. ‘So this is Earth,’ she thought. ‘It will be mine,’ she said, her lizard tongue writhing against her cheeks.”

Ivanka also debuted a shorter hairstyle during this trip to Colombia. Unfortunately, the new bob style seemingly got lost in the midst of the green dress fiasco.

W magazine shared some additional photos from the appearance and it’s clear that Ivanka realized as the event continued that her sleeves were not handling the wind well. The outlet also pointed out that the color of this dress, which was essentially a military green, caused her to blend in somewhat with the cadets and soldiers standing behind her during portions of the event.

According to The Daily Mail, Ivanka’s dress was created by Johanna Ortiz, a Colombian designer and it retails for $1,650. Trump added gold hoop earrings, a woven bag, and suede heels to complete the look.

While Ivanka Trump has tweeted or retweeted a handful of posts detailing her time in Colombia, it doesn’t look as if she has acknowledged this wardrobe mishap as of yet. Some Trump supporters praised the look, but it seems that Ivanka’s critics had quite the field day with this one.