Britney Spears Reportedly Furious With Dad Over Child Abuse Allegations, Won't Speak To Him Again

Britney Spears' father, Jamie Spears, has been accused of child abuse against the singer's 13-year-old son, Sean Preston. Radar Online reports that Britney's ex-husband, Kevin Federline, went to law enforcement over the issue and that she's furious with her father for allegedly putting his hands on her son.

Kevin reportedly filed a police report on August 25 claiming that Jamie had battered young Sean. Britney is now said to be angry with her father over the alleged incident, which has caused the judge to grant a temporary restraining order against Jamie, preventing him from having any contact with both of Britney's sons, Sean and Jayden, for the next three years.

"Britney is very upset with her father and probably won't ever speak to him again," an insider tells the outlet, adding that the singer sees the incident as a way to get out of her conservatorship with her father, who controls her money, career, and other major aspects of her life.

"She is going to try and use this to get out of the conservatorship and stop having Jamie be her conservator. She doesn't want him running her life anymore," the source added.

Meanwhile, a different source tells Us Weekly that Britney had her sons at Jamie's condo that night and that Sean had gotten into an argument with his grandfather. Sean reportedly felt unsafe in the situation and ran away to lock himself in a room.

Jamie allegedly broke into the room and shook Sean, causing Britney to leave with her children and bring them home to Kevin's house.

"Jamie has a temper, which is no secret to anyone in the family. Fortunately, Britney did the right thing and took her boys to safety and away from her father. The whole incident was very upsetting to her and her boys. Kevin was and still is furious," the source dished, adding that the teenager was not physically hurt, but was "scared and shaken up" after the altercation.

The source also revealed that Jamie has not been arrested, and that he left town before the police could question him about the incident. He also reportedly hasn't made himself available to answer any of the questions that investigators have.

Following the situation, Kevin was given 70 percent custody of Sean and Jayden. Previously, he and Britney had shared custody in a 50-50 split following their divorce back in July 2007 after only two years of marriage.