Ilhan Omar's Husband Reportedly Wants A Divorce After Cheating Allegations

Rep. Ilhan Omar is no stranger to controversy. However, her scuffles had previously been based in politics, with conflict centered around President Donald Trump or Democratic House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Now, it appears that her latest clash is much more personal to the Minnesota congresswoman, as The New York Post reports that Omar's husband is reportedly filing for divorce.

The rumors of divorce proceedings come after Ilhan Omar and her campaign strategist Tim Mynett were accused of carrying on an affair. The allegations, which come from Mynett's wife, were part of her own divorce filings against the politico.

Now, it seems that the rumored affair may ruin both marriages, as Ahmed Hirsi, Omar's current husband and father of their three children, is reportedly set to file for divorce.

"I'm surprised he hasn't filed already," a source — who allegedly has known the couple for two decades — said of their marital drama. The source also added that Hirsi was "very confused" about his next steps. Allegedly, Omar had asked her husband to file for divorce back in March, as the two were separated and she worried being the one to file would look bad for her political career.

At the time, Hirsi refused, and reportedly told his estranged wife that if she wanted to end their marriage, she would have to be the one to file. He also did not want to drag their three children into a bitter divorce battle that would likely be tabloid fodder, sources say. However, in light of the affair drama with Mynett, Hirsi has changed his mind.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the two had already been living apart for months. Reports said that Hirsi would live in Omar's luxury Minneapolis apartment when she was out of town. When she returned, he would crash at friends' apartments. The joint house shared by the two in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood is said to look abandoned, according to a Post reporter.

This would not be the first time that Omar and Hirsi have divorced. The two were married in the Islamic faith tradition in the early 2000s. The pair separated in 2008, and shortly afterward, Omar married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.

This marriage has been placed under a media microscope after the allegations that Elmi is Omar's brother. Social media posts suggest a familial relationship between the pair, and official documents show that Omar and Hirsi were still living together despite her marriage to another man (via PolitiFact). However, nothing has been conclusively proved.

ilhan omar in black
Getty Images | Tom Brenner

Omar and Hirsi reunited in 2012.

Omar has denied the allegations that she married her brother and the charge that she was having an affair with Mynett.