WWE News: ‘NXT’ Superstar Breaks Silence After Reported Exit From Company


As The Inquisitr recently reported, promising NXT superstar Kacy Catanzaro reportedly handed in her notice to WWE officials last week. While there’s been no confirmation of the reason behind her decision to quit the company, it’s been alleged that she plans on retiring from in-ring competition altogether.

At the time of this writing, Catanzaro is still a part of the black-and-gold brand’s roster. It’s highly likely that she might not be allowed to leave the company right away, as there’s a strong chance that WWE will freeze her contract as she waits for her current deal to expire.

The specifics surrounding the NXT superstar’s supposed exit remain a mystery, but a recent tweet suggests that she’s done with wrestling. As noted by Wrestling Inc., Catanzaro took to social media to reveal that she’s going “do things that people have never seen before,” followed by a gif of her delivering a Codebreaker to Jessamyn Duke at a live event.

This tweet comes days after she took to Twitter to post an ambiguous tweet about embracing individuality and not conforming to the status quo.

“You just gotta do things your own way. Think outside the box. Push away that voice in your head that tells you to conform. Trust that little voice in your mind that tells you that you don’t have to be like everybody else.”

Despite the ambiguous nature of her tweets, both do come across as if she’s planning to do something completely different to what she’s known for. As noted by WrestlingNews.co, Catanzaro — who’s dating fellow WWE superstar Ricochet — hasn’t been seen on WWE television since June. She wrestled her last match for a television taping back in July, where she teamed up with Lacey Lane to defeat the pairing of Marina Shafir and Taynara Conti.

While it’s not uncommon for rising superstars to only appear on NXT every so often while they develop their craft and hone their skills, perhaps the lack of exposure has inspired her decision to quit the company and try something new.

Prior to signing with WWE, Catanzaro competed on American Ninja Warrior. After leaving the show in 2017, she made the jump to professional wrestling and took part in WWE’s annual Mae Young Classic tournament, which shines a spotlight on the women stars of the future, many of whom end up joining the company full-time.

It remains to be see what Catanzaro does next, but it will be interesting to see.