Nicole Lopez-Alvar Apologizes For Body-Shaming Angela Amezcua On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

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Bachelor in Paradise star Nicole Lopez-Alvar has canceled herself. The Bachelor Nation beauty spoke out on Twitter after displaying some surprisingly “mean girl” behavior on the ABC dating show this week.

Nicole spent this week reacting to the arrival of her Bachelor in Paradise boyfriend Clay Harbor’s ex, Angela Amezcua, at the Mexican resort where the cast is staying. According to Cosmopolitan, on Tuesday’s episode, Nicole felt threatened by Angela’s presence in Paradise and poked fun at her behind her back. Not only did Nicole call Clay’s ex “desperate” and “crazy,” but she body-shamed her small physique.

“She’s weak. Literally, she’s like one pound. She has no body mass. She needs some Cuban meat on her bones,” Nicole said of Angela.

Many Bachelor in Paradise fans took to Twitter to call Nicole out for body-shaming her nemesis and for trivializing mental health issues in the process.

In another segment, Nicole poked fun at Angela’s bridal party walk at Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson’s wedding. The wedding was shown last week on Bachelor in Paradise, and it is where Clay first reunited with his ex just a few weeks after breaking up with her. In a scene with pal Tayshia Adams, Nicole joked that Angela had been practicing her bold bridesmaid’s walk for months as a way to impress Clay.

You can see Nicole mocking Angela in the clip below.

As the episode aired, Lopez-Alvar took to social media to warn fans, “Nicole is canceled!”

But on a more serious note, Nicole later posted several tweets to explain why she reacted to Angela’s presence in the way that she did. Nicole wrote that she was deeply hurt by being faced with Clay’s ex and that she really thought she was about to lose the man of her dreams. Nicole also explained that she used humor to make herself feel better amid Angela’s unexpected arrival to the Bachelor in Paradise resort.

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In another tweet, Nicole explained that some of her comments were not intended for ABC’s cameras and that it was private talk between her and Clay. She also wrote that Angela is “is a beautiful person, inside & out,” and she chastised herself for making comments about her body.

Clay also chimed in to defend Nicole and tell fans that she was just doing her best to make him laugh in an awkward situation.

You can see the tweets below.

Angela has not commented on the body-shaming that went on in this week’s episode. But last week, she did address Bachelor in Paradise veterans Haley Ferguson and Ashley Iaconetti’s talk about her “revenge body” and how she lost “so much weight” since splitting from Clay.

Angela took to Twitter to react to the surprising talk about her body.

“Y’all, I lost like 5 pounds and just toned up a little… Dang, I didn’t think it was that big of a difference,” she wrote.

Bachelor in Paradise fans know that Angela has moved on from the Clay drama and is now pursuing a relationship with Chase McNary on the ABC dating show.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.