‘The View’ Star Meghan McCain Trolled On Instagram After First Show Of Season

Heidi GutmanWalt Disney Television

The View star Meghan McCain was trolled on Instagram after the first show of the season by viewers who were critical of not only her opinions on certain hot topics, but of the conservative commentator herself as well.

The Inquisitr previously reported that it was just minutes into the debut show of the season when McCain came under fire for her comments during a debate about gun control and laws that need to be enacted to ensure the safety of all United States residents in the wake of a second mass shooting in Texas, which left seven dead and 25 injured.

McCain commented on the topic after the series moderator Whoopi Goldberg remarked that the government needs to find a way to close the loophole that exists in legislation where background checks are not required to purchase guns at a gun show. This was the way that the shooter in Texas, who had previously failed a government background check, was able to purchase a firearm.

The topic then splintered into potential gun control laws that could include buybacks and tighter restrictions for gun owners. McCain stated that while she has issues with some ways the NRA is run, she still supports their fight for Second Amendment rights. She also disagreed with taking guns out of the hands of lawful gun owners and said that she is a proud firearm owner.

Fans pushed back at McCain on Instagram after the show’s season premiere.

“Omg 10 minutes on the show she [Meghan] has a big puss on her face already. If she doesn’t want to be there she should get the f$$$ out can’t stand her attitude,” commented one viewer.

“Dear God, 22 minutes in and Muggy Meghan is spouting and pouting. Listen hard, child, this time is much like the #MeToo time. You don’t advocate being a proud gun-toting redneck when innocents were just slaughtered-again. Shut up already,” slammed another viewer.

There were some viewers who encouraged McCain to not back down and continue to speak her mind on topics she feels passionate about.

A viewer stated of the exchange, “I love Megan. I’m proud of any woman who stands her ground and tells it as she sees it. We are of different political views but she has ever right to hers. Stay strong Megan you make me proud to be a woman.”

The View debuted its 23rd season on September 4 with the return of all the co-hosts of the past two years, including Goldberg, McCain, Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar, and Abby Huntsman. Panelist Ana Navarro joins the show on Fridays.

The View airs live weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.