Nashville Producer Keith Thomas Accused Of Sexual Assault By ‘The Voice’ Contestant Jordan Pruitt

Singer Jordan Pruitt performs at the Make-A-Wish Foundation's "World Wish Day" at The Grove
Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Jordan Pruitt, a former contestant on The Voice, has filed a lawsuit against Nashville producer Keith Thomas, alleging that he sexually abused her before her 16th birthday while serving as her manager.

PageSix reported that Pruitt is alleging that Thomas continued a pattern of sexual abuse from when she was 14 years old until just before she turned 16, accusing him of taking her virginity, drugging her and penetrating her vaginally and anally.

Pruitt, now 28, claims in her lawsuit that Thomas allegedly assaulted her in various locations, saying that the abuse occurred at venues like the Staples Center, on soundstages at the Warner Bros. lot, in artists’ trailers, hotel rooms, and parked cars.

In the lawsuit, the singer is also naming her Disney-owned record label, claiming that they failed to protect her, “compelling her” to work with Thomas unsupervised, asserting that they knew or should have known of his predatory behavior.

In a statement to Variety, the country singer says that record companies need to be responsible for protecting young talent.

“Unfortunately, these large companies are primarily concerned with sales, money and charts. Too often they fall short of protecting the young talent that they are ‘supposed’ to be caretakers for… I couldn’t be more disappointed in how Disney treats their underage talent like cash cows.”

Thomas, who is best known for working with young, female talent, is accused in Pruitt’s lawsuit of grooming her for abuse by controlling her entire life and reportedly cutting her off from boys her own age. Pruitt says that Thomas also convinced her mother that he should spend time alone with the teen.


The country singer claims that he initially lavished her with gifts and compliments, telling her that he loved her, before then peppering the praise with rude comments about her looks and her talent.

Pruitt said that years went by before she realized that her “relationship” with Thomas was abusive and illegal, saying that at the time, Thomas told her that “their love was a secret.”

She initially filed the complaint anonymously, but then amended it Tuesday to name all parties in the hope that by bringing all of the details to light, companies like Disney and Hollywood Records would “spend their time and money on putting safeguards in place in order to protect the minors the [sic] are employing.”

Pruitt explains that she only connected the dots in December, and posted on Facebook that she had been molested as a teen by someone in the industry, but did not name names at that time.