Kendall Jenner’s New Topless Photo Is Playing Russian Roulette With Instagram’s Rules

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Kendall Jenner definitely knows how to push the boundaries. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star appeared today in a new photo posted to the Kendall + Kylie clothing brand’s Instagram account – if anyone merits landing on the company’s social media, it’s the girl who co-owns the company. The popular label co-owned by the 23-year-old and her 22-year-old sister Kylie Jenner, is, of course, aptly named after the sisters.

The photo showed Kendall modeling the brand’s latest collection. The model had been photographed in a summery and outdoorsy setting, with Kendall appearing on a blanket laid out over grass. Kendall was heating things up, though. The star was kneeling on the blanket in a cute pair of white pants, but it was a different story up top. Kendall was posing topless in the photo, with the model’s hands just about covering her chest. Instagram does have a no-nudity rule – while this photo saw Kendall abide by it, fans might well find themselves arguing that the model was just about within the limits. The star’s left breast seemed most exposed, although Kendall’s modesty was protected.

Kendall gazed into the camera with her beautiful brown eyes and a peaceful – if a little longing – expression. Her long brown hair was worn down, with tasteful makeup accentuating her famous features.

An update from the brand featuring Kendall herself will likely prove to be popular. The post had racked up over 16,000 likes within its first hour, with the same timeframe bringing over 50 fans into the comments section. Engagement tends to be lower on the Kendall + Kylie account, with many fans of Kendall opting to follow the model’s own Instagram. Nonetheless, this company has its fanbase.

While Kardashian-Jenner brands are mostly associated with Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty and Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics brands, it’s worth remembering that Kendall does have one to her name. Kendall + Kylie may have started out with the sisters having a teen feel and appeal, but these siblings are now in their early 20s. They’re also major style icons. Kendall, of course, remains a giant style queen on account of her offbeat edge and designer pairings.

Speaking to Vogue, Kendall revealed that not everything in her closet stays there.

“I go through my closet probably about once every two months and get rid of so much stuff. I swear to you, it fills back up within a week. It is crazy! I don’t have the biggest closet at my house in LA, so it gets really stuffed, really quickly,” she told the magazine.

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