Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Cameron Finds Trouble Once Again

Craig SjodinABC

Franco is at the center of a lot of chaos this week in Port Charles as everybody copes with the aftermath of the memory switching procedure. He stepped up and saved Cameron from being the victim of this swap, but General Hospital spoilers indicate that Cam will find himself in the middle of some drama again with Wednesday’s show.

As viewers saw during Tuesday’s episode, Drew and Kim spent quite a bit of time talking to one another at Oscar’s Meadow. They eventually found themselves kissing, and this is going to generate a lot of drama. As this was happening, Elizabeth was talking with Hayden about her strategy for getting her husband back. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as if that’ll proceed smoothly.

The Inquisitr shared earlier that Cameron and Trina would happen to walk past Oscar’s Meadow as Franco and Kim are kissing. Now, the sneak peek at the end of Tuesday’s show revealed that Trina will seemingly make a quick move to keep this situation from exploding.

The sneak peek showed Cameron ready to say or do something and a hand quickly covered his mouth. General Hospital spoilers suggest that it’s Trina’s hand that covers Cam’s, probably to keep him from saying anything to Franco and Kim. However, Cam won’t be able to keep entirely quiet about this.

Even if Trina manages to keep Cameron from blasting Kim and Franco at the park, which may not even work, General Hospital spoilers hint that he will feel it necessary to tell his mom about what he saw. As the week continues, SheKnows Soaps details that Cameron will be acting confrontational on Wednesday, but Liz will be staying level-headed during Thursday’s show.

Elizabeth may be holding herself together for now in large part because she thinks she has a plan to put into place. She talked with Scott about going to court to get Franco declared incompetent so she can have him hospitalized. She hopes to bring Dr. Maddox in to reverse the memory swapping procedure.

However, viewers learned during Tuesday’s show that Maddox won’t be able to help Franco anytime soon. He stumbled into General Hospital in dire condition and spoilers tease that this could lead to devastation for Liz. It’s not clear yet what happened to Maddox or why he ended up at GH, but spoilers tease that this will probably all tie together in the days ahead.

Will Elizabeth manage to get Franco to agree to pursue getting his memories back? How far will Kim let things go in this complicated situation as she finds herself drawn to “Drew”? Can Cameron cope with all of this trouble involving his family? General Hospital spoilers indicate that there are a lot of layers involved in this storyline and viewers will be curious to see how it all unravels.