Fitness Bombshell Danni Levy Bares Her Booty In Tiny String Bikini

Danni LevyInstagram

Fitness model Danni Levy showed plenty of skin in her latest Instagram update.

In the photo, Levy was standing on the beach wearing a tangerine string bikini. She stood with her back to the camera. Levy stood on her toes, flexing her toned legs. The angle of the snap was taken from the side, so viewers could see the nice shape of the beauty’s derrière. The skimpy bikini showed off the model’s shapely back and slender waist. She looked off into the distance as she held one hand in her hair.

Levy, the CEO of Muscle & Fitness in the U.K., knows a thing or two about staying in shape. In an interview with Women Fitness magazine, she said she has always been passionate about health an fitness. She gained exposure working with The Active channel and Bravo TV, and uses Instagram to help encourage others.

Levy works hard on keeping her body in shape. She said she runs hills every day — even on Christmas — and spends a good amount of time in the gym.

“My gym routine consists of a LOT of glutes and leg work. I rarely train upper body because I’m naturally very muscular and try to stay looking slightly soft up top,” she said.

From Tuesday’s post, it certainly looks like her glute work has definitely paid off.

Judging from her Instagram account, Levy has spent most of the summer in a bikini. While she always manages to look fantastic in whatever she happens to be wearing, she wants her fans to know that looking a certain way does not always lead to happiness. She shared in an August post that happiness is more about a mental state than it is about how one looks.

“For many years I was so unhappy within myself. It’s easy to look at a physically fit body and presume someone is content, but the mind is what really rules our happiness,” she said, encouraging others not to give their energy to things that do not serve them.

When asked what advice she would give women who are interested in fitness modeling, Levy said having a specific goal in mind was the key to success.

“Set your sights on something and go for it, and don’t veer off track!” she said, adding that people should steer clear of comparing themselves to others.

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