'Bachelor In Paradise' Update On Tayshia Adams And John Paul Jones: Reality Steve Reveals The Latest Scoop

Monday night on Bachelor in Paradise, viewers watched as a fair amount of drama involving Tayshia Adams, John Paul Jones, and Derek Peth played out. Spoilers tease that there's more drama on the way for Tayshia and JPJ and now gossip king Reality Steve is sharing some post-filming updates on the pair.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that Tayshia will give John her rose at the next rose ceremony and he'll give her his rose at the following one. However, she has a change of heart shortly after that. According to Reality Steve's spoilers, Tayshia will ultimately decide that she doesn't see things working with JPJ long-term and she'll end the relationship rather than stick with him through the finale.

Reality Steve has said that's not the end of this story though. Apparently, during the pre-taped reunion show, viewers will see Tayshia fly out to JPJ's place and say she wants to give things another try. At the reunion show, they'll tell everybody that they are currently dating.

However, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from Reality Steve suggest that this relationship may not be all that strong at this point. For one thing, the two live on opposite coasts. He notes that he hasn't heard anything about JPJ planning a move to California, nor has there been talk of Tayshia moving to the East Coast.

Not only does the distance seem like a possible issue here, but Reality Steve also teases that Tayshia was apparently spotted recently with another guy. He didn't delve into details on this, but he said he's heard rumblings and whatever has surfaced must seem concrete enough for him to mention.
"[T]here is zero chance these two ever last as a couple. And that seems to be the sentiment of people who've reached out to me. Nobody really buys them together."
Reality Steve notes that the reunion show was taped on August 27, but it isn't even airing as part of next week's finale episodes. Instead, it seems that ABC plans to air it the following Tuesday, on September 17, the night after the Dancing with the Stars premiere. That means that several weeks will have gone by since these updates were filmed and things can change a lot in that period of time.
Based on this schedule, it will be a couple of weeks before fans can gain much insight into the status of John Paul Jones and Tayshia Adams' romance. They'll be together as of the pre-taped reunion show, but what may be more telling is what starts to appear on social media once the two can go public.

Could this Bachelor in Paradise duo surprise fans by making this romance work? There are several couples still together from filming this past summer, but it sounds as if things between these two are perhaps a little less predictable at the moment.