Miley Cyrus' Sister, Noah, Smokes From A Bong In Skimpy Crop Top On Instagram

Miley Cyrus' younger sister, Noah Cyrus, took to her Instagram Story this week to share a video of herself rocking a tiny little outfit while she smoked from a bong and listened to music.

On Monday, Noah posted the video where she was seen wearing a tiny white crop top, which showed off her flat tummy and toned abs. She also held a bong in hand as she blew smoke from her mouth.

Noah had her long, dark hair parted down the middle and styled in straight strands. She pulled her mane back behind her head, but left a few pieces out to frame her face.

Noah also sported a minimal makeup look, which included darkened eyebrows, long, thick lashes, a fresh face, and pink blush on her cheeks.

In the caption of the video, the young singer revealed that the bong is the most used and also her favorite item that she owns.

As many fans know, Noah and her famous family, which includes Miley and parents Tish and Billy Ray, have all advocated for the use of marijuana in the past.

According to Taste Of Country, Miley opened up about her parent's marijuana use during an interview with Jimmy Fallon back in December, revealing that her mother, Tish, smokes a lot of weed.

"My mom's a big stoner. I remember when I started smoking weed. I mean, she thought I was growing little horns and just becoming the devil, but now she smokes more pot than anyone I know," Miley told the late night host, adding that her dad also partakes.

"Actually, it's very sweet — they smoke together and they play with their hummingbirds."
Meanwhile, Miley admitted that she was clean for awhile, but it was Tish who got her to start smoking again.

"My mom got me back on it. When I'm just working I don't think I function at my highest, most intelligent, most being-able-to-be-as-aware-and-as-present, so I don't smoke when I work," Miley previously told The Sun.

Noah has also been very open about her use of marijuana. Cosmopolitan reports that she often posts on social media about the drug, and back in October she posed with multiple large bags of marijuana sitting next to her on a couch as she lounged with a bong in front of her.

Meanwhile, fans can see more of Noah Cyrus life and family by following the singer on her social media accounts.