Kim Kardashian Admits That She Leaked The News That She Was Using A Surrogate

Neilson BarnardGetty Images

It seems like the Kardashians struggle to keep things secret, what with all of the people surrounding them who are willing to share details about their private lives. Take, for example, the news that Kim Kardashian used a surrogate for her last baby, which leaked early on. But it wasn’t a well-positioned insider who leaked that info – it was the momma-to-be herself.

Details about Kim’s fourth pregnancy hit the news well before baby Psalm entered the world, shocking some fans since the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star never sported a baby bump thanks to the fact that she was using a surrogate. According to a bonus scene of the hit show released on E! News, the mother of four is to blame for the news about her surrogacy leaking to the public.

Kim was out to lunch at an L.A. hotspot, along with Scott Disick, Kris Jenner, and Khloe Kardashian, when they got to talking about their recent holiday party.

“I had so much fun, that party was the talk of the town,” Khloe said.

That’s when Scott asked how the news about her surrogacy had hit the news.

“So, I got drunk on Christmas Eve and I told someone at Christmas Eve and I don’t remember who I told because I was drunk.”

Scott asked the reality star if she told multiple people, and she confirmed that she probably did, but she doesn’t remember. But, she said she wasn’t mad about the situation because it was her choice.

“It’s my fault, that’s why I don’t drink.”

Now that Psalm is three months old, Kim has had a taste of what it’s like to have a big family, and she said four is all she can handle right now.

“I LOVE my babies so much but 4 is all I can handle with how busy I am, and each one of my babies needs so much attention,” she said, according to People.

“I don’t think I could handle more than that. My time is spread really thin,” the KKW Beauty mogul said.

Kim opted to use a surrogate for her third and fourth child because she suffers from a condition called placenta accreta, according to Insider. The condition makes it so that the placenta is difficult to remove after a child is born, which can make giving birth dangerous and can make labor difficult.

While she carried her second child knowing that she had the condition, she decided the safest route for her next two kids was to use a surrogate.