‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kailyn Lowry Celebrates First Day Of School With Adorable Snap Of Her Three Boys


Tuesday is the first day of school for many kids across the country and that apparently is the case for Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry and her three sons, too. Kailyn shared a sweet photo to her Instagram page to commemorate the big day and fans loved the adorable snap.

The Teen Mom 2 star posed with all three boys at school and almost everybody in the photo had big smiles on their faces. Kailyn noted that the boys are now in fourth grade, kindergarten, and preschool, and it seems this is her youngest son’s first time in “school.” As a result, little Lux looks a wee bit hesitant and isn’t smiling quite as broadly as his mom or big brothers.

Isaac, Kailyn’s 9-year-old son, looks ready to go. For Lincoln, 5, it seems he’s feeling pretty ready and confident. Kailyn is holding 2-year-old Lux and has her other arm around Isaac’s shoulder, and Isaac sweetly has his arm around Lincoln’s shoulder.

The Teen Mom star has 3.8 million fans following her on Instagram and this back-to-school shot drew a big, quick response. In just the first hour after the shot had been shared, the post already had more than 60,000 likes and 550 comments.

As is often the case with social media posts of any of the Teen Mom stars, it looks like most of the comments on Kailyn’s photo were sweet and supportive. However, there were a fair number of people who decided to be a bit snarky instead.

One person quipped that Kailyn had an adorable little girl, obviously a dig at how Lux has long hair. Numerous Teen Mom fans immediately clapped back at this commenter, as did Kailyn herself.

“[A]ren’t you just a breath of fresh air. LOL jokes old. Come up with something better.”

A few people also questioned Lux starting “school” already, since he’s still pretty young. However, others piped up and noted that there are often preschool programs that start at the age of two or three and that this isn’t anything all that unusual.

Yet another person said that the boys were probably happy to get away from Kailyn for a while. That comment hasn’t drawn all that much pushback yet, but it also didn’t spark a lot of support either.

In addition to her huge smile, Kailyn looked like a proud mom who was ready to hit the day running. She had on short denim shorts, a black top, and a white-and-black patterned top over it, wearing her glasses and her long, blonde hair down with a side part.

Teen Mom 2 fans will be watching Kailyn Lowry’s Instagram page this afternoon to see if she shares any updates on how the first day of school went for each of the boys. Luckily, she tends to share updates on her life pretty regularly and it seems likely that she’ll share stories later if anything noteworthy happens.