Tammy Hembrow Puts Famed Booty On Full Display, Her Instagram Followers Can’t Get Enough

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Tammy Hembrow took to popular social media site Instagram on Monday to delight her followers with a tightfitting outfit that showed off every single one of her enviable curves.

In the snap, the Instagram model has her back turned to the camera with her head and torso slightly turned around to look at the photographer. She has her arms extended in front of her and resting on a glass barrier overlooking a pool. She wears a pink outfit, including a textured, long-sleeved crop top and high-waisted pants that cling to her body. The pants put her famed backside on display while leaving a glimpse of her toned abdomen exposed.

The model gazes at the camera unsmiling with her long, blonde tresses pulled up into two buns on top of her head. She wears thick black eyeliner and mascara in addition to pink gloss on her pouty lips.

In the caption, the 25-year-old announces that fashion brand Women’s Best, the designer behind her pink outfit, is launching three new colors on September 9. She then goes on to explain that she’s participating in a giveaway for her followers to win a $500 Women’s Best voucher. In order for them to win, they must like her photo, follow the brand’s Instagram account and like their most recent photo, and then tag a friend under their most recent post.

Tammy ends the caption by saying that if her followers want more information about the giveaway and the collection launch, they can click on the link in the brand’s bio.

Many of the fitness guru’s 9.8 million followers were excited about her latest giveaway, giving the photo close to 250,000 likes in the first 12 hours of being posted and leaving over 1,500 comments in which they tagged their friends and also left compliments for the model.

“I just can’t look away,” one Instagram user commented.

“You are so beautiful,” another follower wrote, following up with a heart-eyed emoji.

Tammy partners up with Women’s Best to promote their products through her social media accounts. She often posts photos in workout outfits from the brand while sipping on one of their protein shakes. Her favorite products are the whey protein shakes and the protein bars.

On the Women’s Best website, the mother of two explains why she supports the brand.

“Women’s Best has a great range of products and flavours that cater to my workout goals. It also tastes great in comparison to other protein brands that I had previously tried.”