Vanessa Hanson Spills Out Of Soaked Strapless Pink Bikini In Instagram ‘Wild Things’ Moment

Ken IshiiGetty Images

UFC Octagon girl Vanessa Hanson, 28, thrilled her 311,000 Instagram followers on Labor Day with a gorgeous new post.

In the image, a soaking wet Hanson said that she felt her own Wild Things moment when she came up out of the pool. Wild Things is a 1998 film starring Matt Dillon, Neve Campbell, Kevin Bacon, Denise Richards, and Theresa Russell. The model certainly fit into her exotic escape in her tiny pink print bikini. The minuscule strapless top tied in the center and showcased her ample cleavage. The bottoms tied at the sides revealing plenty of her enviable curves. The UFC ring girl’s long brown hair was wet and slicked back, and rivulets of water crisscrossed her sunkissed skin.

Her fans appreciated the post, which came from Hanson’s time at Two Bunch Palms in Hot Springs, California. More than 15,000 fans took the time to hit the “like” button during the long holiday weekend. Many also dropped a comment on the popular social media platform.

“You look fantastic! This pic seems so unlike you. You’re usually the ‘girl next door,'” noted one.

Of course, the fact that the picture is a bit out of the ordinary for Hanson goes well with her movie reference, which several people caught.

“Definitely has Denise Richards vibes. So beautiful as always. Happy Labor Day to you and your husband,” wrote another fan.

According to Hanson’s website, she began modeling in college and later won a contest to be a guest UFC Octagon Girl at the US Open of surfing. After that, she began appearing around the octagon with Brittany Palmer and Arianny Celeste. In addition to modeling and the UFC, Hanson also co-owns the Long Beach, California yoga studio, Olive Yoga.

Several years ago, GQ admitted that the model is one reason why they had Instagram accounts. The revealed that Hanson enjoys nachos, yoga, and Quentin Tarintino movies. The magazine also asked her several questions to introduce her to their readers as well as entice people to follow her on Instagram.

“What you think of yourself is much more important than what others think of you,” is Hanson’s mantra.

Although it has been a while, the octagon girl revealed that she does read the comments, and she asked her followers to be nice when they reply to her shares.

On May 25, Hanson married her best friend with a destination wedding on the beach in Costa Rica with plenty of family and friends on hand to celebrate her big day.