Kailyn Lowry Talks Rumors She's Dating 'Teen Mom 2' Co-Star Leah Messer: 'We Might As Well Just Get Married'

Over the past few months, rumors have been swirling that Teen Mom 2 stars Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer are dating. The two women have taken a few vacations together this year and even went to the MTV Video Music Awards last week. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kail gave Leah her jacket at the VMAs and teased that they were "officially a couple." Now a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup reveals that Kail recently opened up about Leah on her Coffee Convos podcast. On the podcast, the mom-of-three revealed what is really going on between the two.

"I would never! She's like one of my best friends," Kailyn explained while talking about whether she would ever date Leah. "We have become so close. I would never want to ruin that."

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kail recently shared a photo of herself and Leah to Instagram in which she called her co-star one of her "best friends." Although the two have always been friends, they have gotten much closer over the past months. They vacationed together solo in Costa Rica earlier this year, followed by a family trip that they took to Hawaii. Leah and her three girls spent time with Kailyn and her three sons in July for a fun vacation on the Hawaiian Islands.

Kailyn also weighed in on what she thinks people would think if Kail and Leah actually started dating.
"I think MTV would lose their s*** if Leah and me actually dated. I texted [Leah] yesterday…and I was like, 'We might as well just get married.' And she was like, 'Yeah, doesn't everyone want to marry their best friend?'"
Despite the rumors, Leah and Kail are just really good friends. The two have a lot in common so it shouldn't be too surprising that they are so close. Not only are they both parents to three children, but they have both been sharing their stories on the hit MTV reality show Teen Mom 2 for nearly a decade. Leah and Kailyn were both introduced to audiences on their Season 2 episodes of 16 and Pregnant. Following the show, they were both selected for Teen Mom 2.

The new season of Teen Mom 2 is set to premiere later this month. Both Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer will return to the series to continue sharing their stories. Fans can tune in to the all-new episodes Tuesday, September 10, on MTV.