Emily Ratajkowski Looks Fly As She Rocks Major Cleavage While Climbing High

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To most of her 24 million Instagram followers, Emily Ratajkowski looks fly no matter what she is doing. That said, the model is especially that way when a small plane is part of the picture.

Such was the case on September 2 when Emrata showed off her upper body assets while crouching down for the camera inside an unidentified flying object to create a memorable social media image. While wearing a stark white tank top, the shapely subject of the aforementioned image rocked major cleavage.

That same revealing top was worn by the model as she stood beside a small plane on a beautiful day as a few clouds slid by her while she posed for another picture. This was the third image in the pack in which she was standing straight up with her arms held out as if she was getting ready to take off without getting inside the aircraft.

For the photo, she wore her long, brown hair down and messy and she also wore skintight jeans with a black sweater wrapped around her enviable booty. Emily also had on a wide brown belt featuring gold hardware that served to make her slim waist even slimmer. Her feet were firmly planted into white sneakers, finishing her casual outfit in an expected way.

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The fourth picture in Emily’s Labor Day slideshow served even more white clouds against a bright blue sky but the model wasn’t in view for this entry. Instead, the runway shot showed the back end of the plane in which she had apparently climbed into for a ride that would take her into the air.

The last image of the deck was provided in video form as the compact aircraft took off along the runway and over a steep ravine. Emily was heard stating, “Oh my god, this is so….” but then she was unable to finish her sentence until she caught her breath prior to uttering, “I’m not looking.”

In a change of scenery, the second part of Emily’s upload on Labor Day seemed to show her taking a hike with her male posse. She played follow the leader as she took long, wide strides while clutching onto a water bottle. In this short video, the model’s sturdy lean legs were in full view thanks to a pair of very skimpy Daisy Dukes.

Within only half an hour of being uploaded, this incongruous looks at Emily Ratajkowski’s Labor Day experiences earned her more than 50,000 likes. The social media share also included a number of comments, with one stating a lot about how that person felt regarding what the featured player was doing.

“Omg babe, thanks for killing the planet a little bit more every day. Amazing work keep it up.”