Kara Del Toro Spreads Legs In Nothing But Diamond Glitter Panties

Kara Del Toro is heating up Instagram. The model and social media sensation has taken a break from her trademark bikinis, although Kara's latest update wasn't holding back on the curve-flaunting. The Texan had opted for a particularly bold shot as she posed from her bed in what may be her tiniest outfit ever – with plenty of bling, glitter, and skin on show, the photo was likely pleasing to Kara's fans.

Kara's photo showed her seated on a bed with white linens. The model was taking up the image's foreground in a seated position with her legs spread, although one limb was covered by what appeared to be a towel. The photo hadn't held back, though. Kara was facing the camera and fully topless, although carefully-placed hands protected the model's modesty. Kara definitely brought out her bling side on Monday. The only clothing item she wore showed plenty of glitter, while a likewise sparkly finish from earrings and hand jewelry made it look like Kara had taken a particularly flashy route for her lingerie display. The star appeared in a black pair of briefs featuring glittering diamond waistbands, with what appeared to be a Victoria's Secret logo embellished onto them.

Kara showed off her signature piercing gaze and stunning facial features via clear photography. The glitz and glam definitely contrasted the low-frills background.

A fun caption from the model suggested that she had no other clothing.

The update appeared to be a hit: it had clocked over 11,000 likes within just one hour of going live. The same time frame brought over 142 fans into the post's comments section. Clearly, Kara is popular. Then again, with an Instagram following that recently hit the 1 million mark, this girl seems to be a popular deal overall.

Kara may have moaned about not having any clothes on Monday – albeit jokingly – but this model knows her brands. Speaking to Toronto Paradise about her style, the model wound up name-dropping a major Italian label.
"More so than a specific person or brand I'm inspired by the 90's, I love high waisted shorts and destroyed denim, I love flannels and lace-up boots. I'm also a fan of designers such as Dolce and Gabbana because their designs are so feminine, I like to mix feminine and masculine, I like leather and lace. I'm inspired by other models and the fashionable women of LA, my tastes are constantly changing, but I like to keep it pretty simple and stay comfortable."
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