French Mother Sent Son To School Wearing 9/11 T Shirt

Bouchra Bagour 9/11 T Shirt

A French mother has gone on trial in southern France after she send her son to school wearing a T-shirt that read “I am a bomb” and “Born on 11 September.”

Bouchra Bagour was reported to the police by her son’s teacher last September, and she was then charged with “glorifying crime.”

Her trial, which is taking place in Avignon, began earlier this week, and Bagour denied that she defended terrorism. Her brother, Zeyad Bagour, who gave the t-shirt to her three-year-old son, named Jihad, is a co-defendant in the case and has also denied the charge.

The piece of attire read, “I am a bomb” on the front, and “Jihad, born on 11 September” on the back. He wore the garment to his school in the town of Sorgues near Avignon on 24 September.

Ms. Bagour remarked to the court that she put the t shirt on her son “without stopping to think about it.” She also added that she never intended to provoke a response from people and reiterated that she simply wanted to inform others that her son had been born on 11 September.

Zeyad then stated, “It’s the day of his birth I wanted to highlight, not the year,” and said that he had never looked to defend any cause by purchasing the shirt.

A prosecutor then asked the court, “Who can claim that this is not a direct and scandalous allusion to terrorism?” They also argued that the Bagours had shown no regret after the incident.

If they are found guilty, lawyers have called for Ms. Bagour to be handed a $1,300 fine, whilst her brother will be asked to pay $3,900. The trial will reconvene next month, and a ruling is expected to be given on April 10.

Last month, a Texas teacher called 9/11 hijackers “freedom fighters” and proclaimed that the Holocaust was “ethnic cleansing.”

What punishment do you think Bouchra and Zeyad Bagour should receive?