Viewers Are Shocked By Mickey Rourke’s Odd Appearance On ‘Good Morning Britain’

Joe ScarniciGetty Images

Mickey Rourke’s latest appearance on Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan has left a number of viewers asking questions about his “awkward” appearance and behavior.

According to The Daily Mail, Rourke, 65, was supposed to be on the show to promote his latest project, Night Walk, but he was evasive with the hosts. The actor didn’t seem to know what the hosts were asking, and to what film they were referring to.

Suddenly, he started to briefly open up about the movie, in which he plays a “Nazi loving white supremacist.”

“It was really nice to work with as it was a first time director who wasn’t scared of working with me he was excited. It was a really good experience, I went out and spoke to some people about white supremacists.”

The interview had to be cut short at times because Rourke would get off-topic and go on and on about other matters when Morgan asked if he had particular thoughts about returning to the limelight after his 2008 film, The Wrestler.

Host Morgan was trying to salvage the interview by asking what it’s like to be back on top after a break from Hollywood, and Rourke shared that he never perceived himself to be on top of the industry.

“I never felt like I was back on top. When you have been out of work for a decade then get work again I never really felt like I achieved much.”

Viewers of Good Morning Britain then took to Twitter in disbelief, stating that they had to leave the room or turn off their television rather than watch such a cringe-inducing interview.

Many had turned on the show after seeing that Mickey Rourke and GMB were both trending.

“I wondered why Mickey Rourke was trending and after catching his toe-curling #GMB interview, now I know,” one fan added on Twitter.

Other viewers on Twitter were gobsmacked by Rourke’s change in appearance since his last visit on the show. Many asked what the actor had done to his face, as it seemed to be transformed by cosmetic surgery or another type of procedure. In the past, he claimed that he had his nose fixed after shooting a boxing movie.

“Who even was that? He didn’t look anything like Mickey Rourke,” another said on Twitter.

In his new movie, Rourke tries to recruit Sean Stone, who plays the main character, Frank, into his Aryan Brotherhood network, after he’s wrongfully imprisoned by corrupt police for the murder of his Muslim wife.