September 6, 2019
Bebe Rexha Shuts Down Instagram, Goes Topless In Sheer Pantyhose

Bebe Rexha has sent Instagram a giant reminder: body-positivity is alive and well (and so is she). The 30-year-old singer took to the platform on Monday to celebrate fronting next month's issue of Cosmopolitan – while the singer's feature appeared to suggest that Hollywood wouldn't "dress" her, Bebe wasn't looking remotely bashed or belittled. The blonde had taken to the magazine's cover with joy, plus a little sex appeal backing it up.

Bebe's photo showed her shot from the thigh up. The pop star was fully topless, although this was no raunchy shoot. Bebe seemed out to celebrate her femininity in the most tasteful way, with crossed arms over her chest protecting her modesty. The Pennsylvania native appeared laughing as she clasped onto her upper arms, with her fit and curvy frame accentuated by the only item of clothing she wore. Bebe fitted her shapely hips into a pair of black pantyhose, with a mix of opaque and sheer materials here switching things up a bit. A pendant necklace bearing the singer's name proved prominent. Then again, fans might argue that Bebe's infectious smile and upbeat attitude were taking center stage.

A simple caption from the star announced that fans would see her fronting the magazine next month. Three alien emoji accompanied the words.

This update definitely wasn't missed by Instagram. The photo racked up over 122,000 likes within just 22 minutes of going live. The same time frame brought over 1,000 fans into the post's comments section.

Bebe's body-positivity has become a giant deal. The star famously made headlines for being body-shamed on Instagram, although the incident likely proved to be unexpected for the troll. Singing superstar Demi Lovato waded in to back Bebe up.

Bebe has spoken out about her mentalities. An interview with Pop Culture saw the singer reflect on her philosophies.

"I think the mental shift happened for me when I kind of got to a dark point of not loving myself, and feeling like I wasn't good enough, and trying to fit the mold. And after a certain time, it gets to your head. And you want to be loved by people, but if you don't love yourself and you say mean things to yourself, then it's like, what's the point?" she told the media outlet.

"I have to be my number one fan, and I have to be nice to myself, and I have to love myself," the star added.

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