‘Barbie Man’ Stanley Colorite Amassed Doll Collection Worth $80,000

barbie doll collecting

Barbie man Stanley Colorite has a doll collection worth $80,000. He has filled four bedrooms inside his home with the growing collection. The 41-year-old Barbie fan has been collecting dolls from the popular toy lie for 16 years. Colorite currently has 2,000 barbie dolls and 1,000 various versions of Ken dolls.

Stanley Colorite stated he now spends about $30,000 per year adding dolls to his collection. He routinely shops at yard sales and on eBay for his beloved Barbie dolls. The most expensive doll in the Barbie man’s collection is the Pink Splendor Barbie – valued at several thousand dollars.

The inside of the Florida man’s home could easily be likened to a Mattel museum. Dolls line the walls from floors to ceiling in four bedrooms and a bathroom. In addition to dolls, many of Barbie’s popular accessories, homes, and vehicles are also showcased at Colorite’s Hudson home. In one photo of the enormous doll collection, the self-proclaimed Barbie man and his partner Dennis Schlicker posed amid a backdrop of pink furniture and synthetic doll hair.

The massive Barbie dream house, which has been on the Christmas wish list of thousands of little girls for decades, has a place of prominence in Stanley Colorite’s bathroom. The doll house even boasts a working shower and is reportedly worth $1,000. The Barbie man even has a mermaid doll posed on the bathroom counter next to a Barbie themed tape player.

The Barbie man had this to say about his ever expanding collection, “I started with just one doll and my collection has grown and grown. Barbie isn’t just a toy for children, she’s for adult collectors too. I can’t stop collecting, it’s like a drug habit, I just can’t quit.”

In addition to all of the proudly displayed Barbie dolls inside Colorite’s Florida home, he also has a sizable collection of parts and accessories to maintain his prized collection. Stanley has amassed approximately 3,000 Barbie doll outfits. One was designed by Oscar de la Renta.

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