‘Big Brother’ Fans React To Crying Christie Murphy As She Faces Fourth Week In A Row On The Block


Big Brother fans have watched Christie Murphy game her way off of the chopping block three weeks in a row, but could it be game over for her with this week’s double eviction?

The savvy Big Brother 21 star is in hot water again after foolishly assuming childhood pal Tommy Bracco would win Head of Household and save them both. Instead, Tommy cut a safety deal with eventual HOH winner Jackson Michie, and that deal did not include his ride or die, Christie, per Entertainment Weekly.

With a promise to Tommy on the line, Jackson told Christie he needs to cash in on his pawn deal with her, but he promised her that she was indeed just a pawn and that Jessica Milagros is his target. It didn’t take long for Christie to figure out that Jackson and his Big Brother showmance Holly Allen must have been working with Cliff Hogg and Nicole Anthony after Jackson told her they’ll “play it by ear” regarding who’ll go home if Jessica wins the Power of Veto and is forced to put Cliff on the block.

While Christie is a savvy player — her performance on Taco Tuesday was Oscar-worthy — her crying game is wearing thin with viewers.

Big Brother legend Evel Dick Donato even took to Twitter to blast Christie for throwing the all-important horror-themed Head of Household competition after assuming Tommy would win it for her.

“Christie: I don’t need to win, blah, blah, blah, Universe, blah, blah, blah…” Donato tweeted. “B*tch, you’ve been OTB 2 weeks in a row and now you say (after the comp is over, in the DR) you don’t need to win HOH? F**k you.”

Other Big Brother fans have also had enough of Christie’s constant crying. Indeed, the Big Brother superfan knows the game, but she wears her emotions on her sleeve, which could definitely cost her. Fans can see some of the reactions to Christie’s crying below.

Of course, Christie is also getting support from some past Big Brother players. Andy Herren, the winner of the 15th season of the CBS reality show, blasted “sexist idiots” for not favoring Christie over Jackson.

In addition, Big Brother Season 20 winner Josh Martinez has given props to Christie, as has Big Brother fan favorite Janelle Pierzina, as can be seen by their tweets below.

Fans can see one of Christie Murphy’s crying spells on Big Brother 21 below.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesday and Thursdays on CBS.