Josephine Skriver Flaunts Chiseled Abdomen While Exposing Cleavage At The Gym

Noam GalaiGetty Images

Josephine Skriver is finally back home in Los Angeles, California, after a long trip to Tokyo, Japan. The Danish model spent her time in Japan making her Instagram followers jealous with photo after photo of her adventures, often featuring her in skimpy outfits that flaunted her gym-honed figure. Now that the model is back in L.A., she’s getting back in her workout routine and sharing photos from her visits to the gym on the popular social media site.

Over the weekend, the 26-year-old took to the photo-sharing site to flaunt her chiseled figure as she performed a side plank during a Pilates session.

The photo is taken from the front, capturing the model as she balances one arm on the mat in front of her and lifts the other over her head. She wears a purple outfit, consisting of a low-cut sports bra that exposes her busty chest and tight, curve-hugging yoga pants. Josephine’s abdomen is left exposed, revealing her chiseled muscles as she holds the plank position.

In addition to the tight outfit, the model has her long, brownish-blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. She looks down at her arm as she props herself up, revealing a touch of black mascara and glossy lips while emphasizing her long neck.

In the caption of the snap, Josephine tells her followers that she’s working off all the gyozas she ate in Japan. The traditional dish is a type of Japanese pan-fried dumpling. The model’s 6 million followers had plenty of compliments to leaver her in the comments section, expressing their desire to have her body and begging for workout tips and tricks.

Many Instagram users also commented on Josephine’s use of the mirror behind her in the photo, appreciating the view of both sides of her and complimenting her strong muscles.

“Good plank Jo!! Incredible exercise!!” one Instagram user cheered on the model.

“How to stay on positive side no matter what? Watching your vlogs on JoJa YouTube Chanel and you’re such a positive ray of sunshine. I need to start doing like this,” another follower commented.

“You’re so sexy,” one other social media user chimed in.

Josephine has teamed up with fellow model Jasmine Tookes to create a YouTube channel for their fans. While joking around and having fun, the two Victoria’s Secret models post workout videos in addition to other videos in which they talk about diet, nutrition, and modeling.