Is The Post Office Open On Labor Day?

Scott OlsonGetty Images

Monday, September 2, is Labor Day and many people may be wondering if the post office is open on this holiday. This is one of a handful of federal holidays, but many businesses are open and even promoting big sales to draw in traffic. When it comes to the U.S. Postal Service, however, it is not business as usual.

The site for the USPS confirms that the post office is entirely closed on Labor Day. This means that not only is there no mail delivery on Monday, but the facilities will be closed and nothing will be accepted or processed. There is one caveat, however — those clients sending packets via Priority Mail Express will see deliveries made on Labor Day. There are only 10 holidays in 2019 that leads to an extra day off for those working for the USPS, and this happens to be one of them.

According to the 2019 holiday schedule for UPS, they are fully closed on Labor Day as well. It appears that applies to UPS deliveries, as well as UPS store locations.

As far as FedEx services, their site notes that they will not be making any deliveries on Labor Day either. However, it seems that some FedEx Office locations will be open with modified hours on Monday.

Some sites like Amazon have arranged for special Sunday USPS deliveries, so in those cases, the post office is closed but a few employees are working to deliver those packages. However, in the case of a federal holiday such as Labor Day, it looks as if any packages that normally would have arrived on Monday will be pushed out to Tuesday.

Services for all of these delivery services should resume as usual on Tuesday, September 3. However, it is worth noting that Hurricane Dorian is slated to hit portions of the United States early this week and it is possible that this storm will disrupt mail and package deliveries in some areas of the country.

The USPS does not list any specific areas of disruption at this point. However, they note on their site that they are monitoring the storm closely and will update their site when and if needed.

Time notes that in addition to the post office being closed, the Federal Reserve is closed for Labor Day and that means that all national banks will be closed as well. Other government offices, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles, are closed on Monday too.

Other Federal Holidays remaining in 2019 that will close the post office include Columbus Day on October 14, Veterans Day on November 11, Thanksgiving Day on November 28, and Christmas Day on December 25.