Neighbor Said Odessa Shooter Seth Ator Threatened Her With Gun, But Police Couldn’t Find The Home To Respond

Cengiz YarGetty Images

A neighbor of Odessa, Texas, mass shooter Seth Ator said that the 36-year-old man threatened her with a rifle last month, but police never responded because they couldn’t locate the home on GPS.

In the wake of Saturday’s deadly attack that stretched across Odessa and neighboring Midland, a picture is emerging of the man who police say carried out the deadly shooting. As CNN reported, Seth Ator had a history of violent incidents including one last month where he threatened neighbor Veronica Alonzo for leaving her garbage in a dumpster.

Alonzo told CNN that she called police after the incident, but they never arrived because the property is difficult to find and does not show up on GPS systems. Police in Odessa also came under scrutiny on Sunday when they refused to release the identity of the shooter, saying they did not want to give the now-deceased man any notoriety. The decision was criticized by many journalists who said that doing so would only feed into speculation, but Ator’s identity was reported by several news outlets less than an hour after the press conference.

The neighbor shed some light on the strange living circumstances for Ator, saying he lived in a home with no running water or electricity. When the weather got cold, Alonzo said Ator would sometimes sit inside of his Toyota Camry and turn on the car’s heat.

Alonzo said that Ator was frequently shooting guns, sometimes firing from a structure at the top of his home and killing animals in his yard, which he later retrieved.

A separate report from CNN appears to give more insight into the final hours before Seth Ator opened fire across close to 13 locations in attacks that left seven people dead. The report noted that he had been fired from his trucking job just hours before he went on the shooting rampage.

Police said the shooting started after Ator was pulled over for a minor traffic violation, leading to him opening fire. Ator later stole a mail truck to continue the shooting rampage, which came to an end at a movie theater parking lot when he was killed in a shootout with officers.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Christopher Combs told CNN that federal investigators are now searching for a potential motive, saying that FBI agents are “here now almost every other week supporting our local and state partners on active shooters. We’re almost every two weeks an active shooter in this country.”