Arianny Celeste Makes Scuba Fins Sexy In Thong Bikini

David CrottyGetty Images

Arianny Celeste shared a new bikini pic several days ago, and it was part of a series of updates that she geotagged in Hawaii.

The update showed her standing on a boat, as she rocked a light blue swimsuit. She faced her back to the camera, as she popped her left foot and placed her right hand in her hair. This meant that her bare derriere was easily visible, as she looked over her left shoulder and gave a sultry look. At the same time, she casually held a pair of scuba fins in her left hand.

Celeste’s tattoo peeked through behind her left arm, as she accessorized with a thick, gold bracelet. She also appeared to be wearing minimal makeup, if any.

Behind Arianny, you could see what appears to be an endless ocean.

The photo was liked over 38,000 times.

Arianny’s many fans left her sweet messages in the comments. One person joked about how her good looks motivate them.

“Ur physical being makes me almost want to start working out again nah I regress,” they said.

“My vessel is my temple. Must take care of your temple,” responded Arianny.

There were also many followers that referred to the captions.

“I want drink water with you, thats my dream,” joked a fan.

“Long legs and toned [peach]! Love your quote! I’ve been obsessed with interpreting my dreams lately!” exclaimed another fan, who used the peach emoji to make their point.

Other fans took Celeste’s captions much more seriously.

“As above so below you have this energy around you right now, things that you put your LOVE…your attention your inner power meaning your HEART…things will happen to you in a MAGICAL way…,” mused a follower.

“Scratch borderline. Water signs are psychic AF,” declared another follower.

There were also plenty of people who sent the UFC ring girl love for her good looks.

“The new James Bond is Arianny,” joked a fan.

And since Arianny shared the bikini pic, she also announced the release of her 2020 calendar. Every year, her fans are excited to buy the annual calendar, which features Celeste in various poses and revealing outfits.

The photo that she chose to promote the product showed her in a bright red bikini. She stood between several curtains, which included a matching red curtain to her left, along with white curtains to her right.

Celeste wore her hair down in defined curls, as her chest spilled out of the tiny cutout bikini top.