‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Liesl Will Be Taking Extreme Measures

Matt PetitABC

This week on General Hospital, more drama is expected as Franco tries to convince Kim to give him another chance. It’s all been such a mess ever since he got Drew’s memories transferred to his brain. One person who isn’t having any of this is Liesl Obrecht. She lost her best friend in Franco, and she will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to get him back.

The new General Hospital spoilers that have been put out by Soap Central tease that Liesl will be taking extraordinary measures this week. What exactly does that mean? With her, you just never know what she will do. The spoilers also say that she will be victorious. Considering that she told Franco that she wasn’t done with him yet, this could very well mean that his BFF will be cooking up a plan to get his memories back. There is no confirmation on whether this is what the spoiler is referring to, but it does seem quite logical.

Even Elizabeth is ready to take extreme measures to get her husband back. She realizes that he is getting closer and closer to Kim, so she needs to do something quickly. Liz told Scott her plan to get Franco locked up at Ferncliff, so it would give them time to get Andre Maddox back to work on him. He reluctantly agreed. There is always a possibility that maybe Liz and Liesl will team up. They both love Franco and want him back. Liesl has gotten pretty good at holding people captive. She kept Peter August tied up and gagged for weeks. She could do the same with Franco if she chose to.

If this General Hospital spoiler isn’t really about Franco, then the other possibility is that it has to do with Brad and the baby switch. She told him that she would keep her mouth shut about Wiley, but she could change her mind about that at the drop of a hat.

She also knows about Valentin keeping the huge secret from Nina about Sasha. Will she do something drastic when it comes to that situation?

Whatever Liesl Obrechct has in mind, she could certainly wreak havoc if she really wanted to. She knows many secrets that she could spill and cause a lot of problems for certain people.

Keep watching General Hospital this coming week to see what extreme measures that Liesl has in mind and who it will affect.