‘Grand Hotel’ Sneak Peek: Danny Gets Help With His Search For Sky

Lisa Maree WilliamsGetty Images

Eva Longoria’s television project, Grand Hotel, is in full swing and secrets are slowly being revealed, based on a sneak peek uploaded to the official TV Promos YouTube channel.

The ABC series is set at the Riviera Grand Hotel, which is one of the last family-owned and operated hotels in the city. The hotel is headed by Santiago Mendoza (Demián Bichir), his new wife Gigi Mendoza (Roselyn Sanchez), and his two adult children, Alicia Mendoza (Denyse Tontz) and Javi Mendoza (Bryan Craig).

At the beginning of the season, viewers learn that the family members and workers at the hotel are hiding a huge secret, which involves the disappearance and possible murder of former hotel employee Sky Garibaldi, played by Arielle Kebbel. In an attempt to discover the truth, Sky’s brother, Danny Garibaldi (Lincoln Younes), shows up at the hotel looking for a job. After he’s hired, he runs into the boss’s daughter, Alicia, and the two start hanging out and later develop romantic feelings for each other.

Danny also starts working with the detective that was previously assigned to his sister’s case, Detective Ayala (Christina Vidal). After an operation goes wrong, she meets with Danny to let him know she’s being transferred.

In the sneak peek, the two are seen sitting together in Ayala’s vehicle, where she hands Danny his sister’s evidence file.

“I’m not supposed to do this,” she says, before handing Danny a large brown envelope. “It’s a copy of your sister’s evidence file and everything we learned before the case got shut down.”

The detective also hands over Sky’s keycard and explains that the police had pulled Sky’s access record from the night in question, but came up with no leads on the investigation. According to the records, Sky didn’t use a single door after eight o’clock that night, which could have been due to the power outage caused by the storm.

“What if there was never any power outage? What if someone was just trying to hide the evidence?” Detective Ayala asked out loud before the clip comes to an end.

Meanwhile, Alicia and Javi are dealing with an investigation of their own as they try to figure out why their mother was being kept in an unmarked hotel room while she was alive. As the siblings try to put the pieces together, they’ll learn more about their family that they’re ready to process.

The official episode description reads as follows, according to a report from Broadway World.

“Alicia and Javi continue their mission to figure out what really happened to their mother. Santiago still finds himself bound to Mateo, as startling secrets from his past come to light on a new episode of Grand Hotel.”

Grand Hotel airs on Mondays on ABC.