Laci Kay Somers’ Assets Are Barely Contained In Tiny Bikini


Laci Kay Somers shared a new Instagram photo several days ago and it featured her in a small bikini. The update proved to be popular and racked up more than 255,000 likes.

The first photo of the set showed Laci posing with a phone in her left hand, as she placed her right hand in front of her chest. She pursed her lips for the shot and wore her hair down in waves. The top had off-the-shoulder sleeves, while the bottoms were very small. They featured two, thin straps and a glittery bottom.

In addition, Somers shared a second photo of herself in the same outfit, except this time, she faced her back to the mirror. This meant that her bare booty was left on full display, as she took the selfie with her left hand again. She placed her right hand under her chin and looked at the phone screen.

Many of Laci’s fans responded to her question in the captions and voted for the first or second photo as their favorite.

“Why not both?” asked a fan.

“1 is great but it’s 2 no doubt,” said another fan.

Others focused on giving the model compliments.

“You are above perfection your more than perfect. @lacikaysomers you are absolutely stunning and irresistible,” gushed a follower.

Meanwhile, one fan noticed something odd about a Twitch account.

“Have an account saying they are you…Lacykaysomers095, better check it out,” they advised.

“Not me and nothing I can do i already blocked them. Not sure why people would believe that when this is my verified account,” responded Laci, who says she’s planning on getting on a regular gaming schedule.

Meanwhile, a fan tried their luck.

“Can I take you out for fries?” they asked.

“I love fries haha,” responded Somers.

And a hater snuck into the comments section.

“Wow, you have a photo of yourself on your iPhone case. That’s not narcissistic or anything,” they said, as they noticed her phone case in the selfies.

“Haha your dad didn’t think that when we bought it,” said Laci.

This isn’t to mention Laci’s backdrop, which appeared to be the inside of her or someone else’s home. There were stairs with clear banisters, along with a piano and a silver stool. There were multiple pieces of art that were hung on the walls, which were painted light pastel green.

It’s been almost a week since the model has shared a new Instagram photo, so fans can only hope for a new picture soon.