Jen Selter Pops Her Famous Booty In Bright Blue Leggings

David BeckerGetty Images

Jen Selter shared a new Instagram video today, and it showed her completing a series of workout routines outside. And even though it’s only been posted for 15 minutes, the clip has been watched more than 44,000 times.

The fitness model was spotted working out in a bright blue ensemble. It consisted of a sports bra and very tight leggings.

The video started off with Jen doing leg lifts against a bench, posing on a railing, and also arching her back as she stretched her legs. She was also seen doing some squats, all with seemingly perfect form.

Jen wore her hair slicked back into a low ponytail and completed her look with a pair of white sneakers. The video clip quickly cut between Selter’s various workouts, and also showed her throwing up the peace sign and looking happy all around.

The city was visible in the backdrop, as the video wrapped up with her posing next to a matching, bright blue water bottle.

Many of Jen’s fans seemed to be on the same page as her message in the captions.

“I am with you 100% all the way New Beginnings here we go,” said a fan.

“Absolutely!! Gotta believe in yourself and your dreams first and foremost,” said another fan.

“Visualizing you finally DMing me,” joked a follower.

At the same time, other people showered Selter with compliments.

“Queeeeeeeen baby see you in LA TOMORROW MY SUPERSTAR!!!!!!!!” exclaimed a follower, who seemingly knows Jen.

“I like ur body goals,” said another follower.

“Dat booty doe,” noted a fan.

“Perfect as always,” declared another fan.

“You are so beautiful,” said an Instagram user.

And there were plenty more fans that left sweet and short compliments.

“Sweet woman,” said a fan.

“Love it,” said another fan.

“Perfect view,” said a follower, who may have been referring to the scenic NYC backdrop, or joking about Jen’s good looks.

“Bae alert,” stated another follower.

Plus, many people focused on her toned body.

“Best body in the world!” exclaimed a fan.

“Booty is fire,” said another fan.

“You are a beautiful amazing women,” complimented a follower.

This isn’t to mention another Instagram video that Jen shared three days ago. Instead of working out, Jen shared one of her favorite recipes. The clip was geotagged at the American Copper Buildings and showed her making a chocolate-covered banana snack.

Selter wore a white sports top with mesh accents. She also wore matching, white pants, and wore her hair in a ponytail with a middle part.