Dog The Bounty Hunter Says ‘Every Day Is A Challenge’ After Death Of Beloved Wife, Beth Chapman

Scott OlsonGetty Images

Things may be getting a bit easier for Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman after the death of his beloved wife, Beth, but he admitted this week there are still some difficult days.

Duane was in New York City this week to promote his new series, Dog’s Most Wanted, when he was caught by TMZ for an interview. Though the 66-year-old bounty hunter-turned-reality television star has gotten back to work not long after her death two months ago, he told the celebrity news outlet that things are still very difficult after Beth passed away.

“Every day is a challenge, but, you know, on a one to 10, I’m [at] six,” Duane Chapman told the interviewer. “I’ve lost a lot of weight but I started eating last night at a soul food restaurant we went to, and I’m trying to get back on track… I really like to dream now.”

Duane was by Beth’s side through her long battle with throat and lung cancer, including her final days as she slipped into a coma. After Beth died, Duane planned two memorial services, one in Hawaii and another public service in Colorado, where fans were invited to remember the life of his beloved wife. He said in the days and weeks after her death that he had trouble eating and sleeping, though both seem to have gotten at least a bit better since then.

Duane said this week that staying busy has helped him deal with his grief, saying he’s been thinking about “the next bust” he can make as a television bounty hunter. But he hasn’t always gotten help from the tabloids, as there were widespread reports when he was spotted with a “mystery woman” for what appeared to be a dinner date last month.

Later, daughter Bonnie Chapman took to social media to clear up the situation, identifying the woman as a production assistant on his reality television show and not a romantic interest.

“Let my father live in peace and do his job. Brooke has been with us for 9 years,” Bonnie wrote, via Pop Culture, along with a screen grab of a story about their outing.

Duane Chapman said in an interview with Us Weekly that he promised Beth he would never marry again after she died, and said he intends to keep that promise — but admitted he gets lonely sometimes and is seeking companionship

“I don’t do single s**t,” Chapman said.