Elsa Hosk Goes Braless In A Chain Shirt

Elsa Hosk has been flooding her Instagram page with new photos from a shoot she did for ELLE Türkiye. And so far, it looks like her fans are all for it.

In one of the photosets that she shared, which consisted of five photos, Hosk rocked a braless look. There were several shots of the outfit, but there was one in particular that showed it off the best.

In the fourth photo of the set, Elsa was spotted posing with her left shoulder facing the camera. She leaned forward and curved her back for the shot, as she bent her left arm and placed her hand on her shoulder. She wore black gloves, along with a matching pair of black, high-waisted pants.

At the same time, she went braless, and only wore a chain shirt. It consisted of multiple, thin chains that covered her front, as it featured a low back. The shirt also was very long, as the bottoms of it were not visible in the cropped photo.

Elsa gave a sultry look with her lips slightly parted. She also wore her hair down in a middle part. Her makeup included glossy lipstick, silver eyeshadow, and mascara.

Elsa received a ton of love from her fans in the comments section.

"You're so f*cking perfect, really," said a fan.

"Wow wow wow wow wow!!!!" exclaimed a fan.

"What a dream," said a follower.

"She's too WOW! I can't deal!! A true supermodel," gushed another follower.

There were also several comments about the jewelry she wore in the first photo of the set.

"Beautiful necklace," noted a fan.

"You so gorgeous," said another fan.

"Absolutely stunning and extremely beautiful," complimented a follower.

"YOU ARE KILLING ME," joked another follower.

One fan asked Elsa a question, instead of leaving her a compliment.

"How are you love?????" they asked.

In addition, there were many people who left creative messages.

"These blew my mind!!!" said a fan, who seemed to love all the images.

"Girl you're on top of the world right now," said another fan.

"Last pic had major Sharon Tate vibes and i love it," complimented a follower.

"I wanna melt this ice," said a fan, who may be referring to the movie, Frozen.

"Pict number 1 : looks like you're summoning something or someone...," joked a follower.

Meanwhile, there were some people who got off topic but still expressed their love for the model nonetheless.

"Please come to Japan again," asked a fan.

"Ur my idol and I wanna model for Victoria's Secret when I'm older," said another fan.