Devin Brugman Pops Out Of Nude Bikini

Devin Brugman shared two new bikini pics with her fans today, and the combination of her ensemble and poses seem to have Instagram dealing with a meltdown.

The model wore the same swimsuit in both shots. It was a nude-toned bikini, which made it appear upon first glance as though Brugman wasn't wearing anything at all. With that being said, the model is rocking a deep tan right now.

Both the bikini top and bottom matched, and featured multiple straps on the shoulder and on the hips.

Devin wore a necklace, along with small, hoop earrings.

In the first shot, the model was spotted sitting high up on an outdoor chair. She spread her legs, and braced herself with her arms behind her. The model threw her head back and closed her eyes, while leaving her lips parted in a coy look.

This left Brugman's toned bod on full display, as she popped out of the top, which was arguably a little too small for her.

A second photo showed Devin posing with the chair yet again. Except this time, she placed her left leg on the ground and crossed her right foot behind her knee. She also placed her left hand on her head.

Brugman tilted her head to the right, as her hair fell down. She closed her eyes again for this shot. Behind her, you could see a light tan wall, with large shadows from a palm tree.

Plenty of Devin's fans took the time to leave nice compliments, with many people seeing her figure as a source of inspiration.

"Stomach goals!! Nice," said a fan.

"Holy I'm quitting carbs," said another fan.

Meanwhile, there were many followers that raved about the model's good looks.

"This is tooo hot," said a follower.

"Wooooow Devin wooow," said another follower.

"Why don't i look like this," joked an Instagram user.

And it certainly sounded like the photo was a hit.

"Can we just take a minute," said a fan.

"Sound the alarm," said another fan.

"I never comment but...... next level. The photographer I mean," joked a follower.

But that wasn't all, as one person had a special request for Devin.

"We need a complete Diet and Exercise handbook STAT! You are body goals x 1,000! Healthy positive role model for all of us B**bie gals," they said.

"Never seen a body like that in my life beautiful," gushed a fan.

"Wowwww perfect swxy hot body," said another fan.

"Best swimsuit made for you," complimented a follower.

"OMG you're absolutely stunning," declared another follower.