September 1, 2019
Kelsey Merritt Rocks Dangerously Small Bikini For Burning Man

Kelsey Merritt shared three photos in a recent Instagram update, and her fans are loving it. The photos were geotagged at Black Rock City, Nevada, as the model revealed that it was her first trip to Burning Man.

Merritt's outfit consisted of a tiny black bikini, which she dressed up with thigh-high tights and a skirt-like accessory. It had a black belt on top, with chained strips making up the skirt.

Kelsey also wore black gloves, a large and eye-catching silver necklace, and a huge pair of reflective sunglasses. The model also wore her hair in braids, with two, thick pigtails. She completed her look with a pair of boots, which looked completely dusty thanks to the environment.

The first photo showed Kelsey posing with her braids in her hands, as she popped her left foot out. She also shared a black-and-white image, which showed her posing on the ground. She sat on her left knee, while she popped out her right foot. Merritt also put her arms into the air.

The final photo showed her standing in the desert, with a large sculpture visible in the backdrop. She appeared to be mid-dance, as she pursed her lips.

The photo garnered tons of compliments from fans, with many models stopping by with messages. This included fellow Sports Illustrated model Haley Kalil.

"MY BABY GIRL," she said.

Romee Strijd from Victoria's Secret also left a message.

"Love these pics," she said.

Brooks Nader from Sports Illustrated also chimed in.

"Ok queen!!!" she exclaimed.

In addition, there were plenty of fans that left their thoughts on the photoset.

"Where do you even buy these outfits Hahahaha I LOVE IT," said a fan.

"Ahhhh so jealous!! Have fun angel," said another fan.

"I didn't see this coming at all!" said a follower.

"Mad Max vibes," noted another follower.

It seemed like Kelsey's look was a huge hit all around.

"Yasss you do dat sh*t!" encouraged a fan.

"SHOW US MORE!!!!!" asked an Instagram user.

At the same time, someone had an entirely different observation to make.

"How did you get a signal?" they wondered.

But with that being said, the comments section wasn't free from haters. One comment from an Instagram user spawned a heated argument among fans.

"What's with the hair? You're not black. #appropriation," they said.

"Lmao blonde hair and braids have existed and exist in different cultures all over the world. Get out of USA and travel more...," said a fan.

"Blonde Hair is NOT A CULTURE! Her types of braids are. They originated from Africa/Caribbean," added another fan.