September 1, 2019
Lisa Rinna's Daughter, Amelia, Shows Anorexia Recovery In Bikini & Burgers Pic

Given that anorexia nervosa has the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric illness, it's all the more heart-warming when the recovery photos from a sufferer seem rock-solid. Amelia Gray Hamlin has been on the road to health since revealing her anorexia battle last year. The daughter to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna made major headlines in 2018 for going public with her demons on social media.

While Lisa has appeared in a bikini-clad moment showcasing her health, per The Inquisitr, fans had yet to see the 18-year-old showcase her stunning frame with food. While today's update from Amelia ticked boxes for seeing the star look and feel confident in a bikini, one thing was really making its mark here. Amelia was surrounded by snacks from fast-food chain Fatburger; if this isn't the biggest sign that Amelia's anorexia is behind her, it's hard to picture what might be.

Amelia's photo today showed her photographed indoors and near a table. Amelia was looking summer-ready in a blue bandeau bikini that more than flaunted her new and healthy frame, although the focus of the picture was the food. Amelia was holding a burger in one hand and licking the other. The table in front of her was filled with fries, paper bags, and shakes from Fatburger – it looked like a real feast was going on.

A simple caption from the teenager confirmed the day of the week, with a mention of her meal.

Perhaps most indicative of Amelia's recovery status was the response to her post. Comments didn't really seem to be centering around the star's battles with food or her weight. It simply seemed to be a case of fans loving the update for the bikini and burger fest that it was.

"That better be a Maui banana shake," one fan wrote.

"Wish I could eat a burger looking this hot," another said.

Of the comments referencing Amelia's past, words seemed more focused on how great Amelia was looking now than attempting to draw any comparisons.

"You look amazing!!!" one fan wrote.

"Looks as if you're feeling better," another fan wrote with hand-clapping emoji.

Amelia seems to have received all the support in the world by going down the public route with her battle. Fans are over the moon that Amelia is back on track with her life, and she's set to start a new chapter. Last month saw Lisa fly out to New York City to help Amelia settle into the city for college.

Clearly, things are on the up for this beauty. Fans wishing to see more of Amelia should follow her Instagram.