September 2, 2019
Is McDonald's Open On Labor Day? Here Are The Hours

Labor Day is often celebrated with a barbecue, but not everyone wants to spend their day off from work cooking burgers on a hot grill. If you're looking for the ultimate way to spend your work-free holiday you can still get your hands on some hamburgers at the biggest burger chain in the world.

McDonald's has more than 14,000 eateries across the country and they are open on most holidays, including Labor Day. Fans looking for their fast food fix should check the store locator on the McDonald's website to confirm their hours for their favorite location, as hours of operation on the Labor Day holiday may vary. Many McDonald's locations open as early as 5 a.m. and close as late as midnight and some high-traffic locations are even open 24 hours.

Right now, McDonald's some special deals lined up to make your Labor Day meal even cheaper than usual. In addition to the chain's ongoing $1, $2, $3 menu, a current promotion gets you a favorite supersized sandwich or chicken nuggets for just a buck if you buy one at the regular price. Quarter Pounders, Big Macs, Filet-O-Fish and 10-piece Chicken McNuggets are included in this deal — and yes, you can mix and match.

And if you really want a low key Labor Day, many McDonald's locations offer delivery through Uber Eats, a deal that was spawned in 2017. Eaters should download the Uber app from the McDonald's website to see if delivery is available in their area.

And although it's not available this Labor Day, CBS News notes that last week, the chain announced it is expanding its "McDelivery" service even further across the country through an upcoming partnership with DoorDash.

Last month, McDonald's piloted the delivery service with DoorDash in Houston, Texas, and soon it will be available nationwide. Before long, customers will be able to order home delivery of McDonald's food from 10,000 franchise locations, some of them even in small cities, via the partnership with the two delivery services.

Incidentally, fast food fans aren't limited to McDonald's on Labor Day. Newsweek notes that many of the chain's competitors will also be serving up fast food fare on the 125th anniversary of the workers' holiday. Most locations of chains such as Arby's, Burger King, Chick-fil-A, Jack in the Box, KFC, and Sonic Drive-in are open on Labor Day, although as with Mickey D's, hungry guests will want to double-check the hours before heading over.