Charly Jordan Wears Nothing Underneath A Wet White T-Shirt In New Beach Snap

American model and DJ Charly Jordan, who is famous on Instagram for her beautiful looks and racy snaps, exactly knows how to titillate her fans.

That's exactly what she did in her latest post, where she could be seen posing on the beach, wearing a wet white T-shirt and a black thong.

The model ditched her bra, which made the fabric of her shirt extremely see-through, enough to expose her nipples. Since nudity is not allowed on the photo-sharing website, the model censored her nipples with the help of a photo-editing tool. Nonetheless, Charly left a lot for her fans to see and stimulate their imagination.

The model let her damp tresses down and opted for minimal makeup to keep it simple, yet sexy, while she laid on wet sand to pose for the snaps.

Within six hours of going live, the picture has amassed more than 189,000 likes and over 750 comments, which shows that the model is immensely popular on the photo-sharing website.

Apart from her regular fans and followers, the pics were also liked by many of Charly's fellow models and Instagram influencers, including Kristina Levina and Elisha Herbert, among others.

Commenting on the picture, which can be viewed on Instagram, one of her fans wrote that he wishes to be the photographer who took the picture so that he could see Charly's nipples.

"The censoring ruins the pic, you should have worn a less revealing shirt," another fan suggested the model.

While a third follower, who didn't seem very pleased with Charly's decision to censor her nipples, wrote the following comment.

"You are making the nipple an erotic thing. Therefore, further stigmatizing women. Good job!"

Before sharing the risque snap, Charly posted some gorgeous pics where she could be seen wearing a pale orange dress with a plunging neckline, one which allowed her to expose her bare chest.

She accessorized with a long chain pendant and a few bracelets while she tied her hair into a high ponytail to pull off a very cute look. The model wore a full face of makeup and posed for the pictures while standing in a wooded meadow.

Within a day, the snaps have accrued more than 131,000 likes and over 340 comments, as fans showered the model with numerous compliments.

According to an article by Famous Birthdays, Charly played lots of sports when she was young, including sprinting, hurdling, and competitive soccer, which she played for 12 years. Moreover, the Los Angeles native also took part in a surfing competition as a kid.