Farrah Abraham Accused Of Transitioning, Plastic Surgery In Latest Busty Pic From Venice Canal

Bryan SteffyGetty Images

Farrah Abraham’s Instagram account tends to generate hurtful comments, but then again, the former Teen Mom OG star has undergone so many surgeries and cosmetic procedures, some might argue that the backlash was bound to happen. The 28-year-old has finally posted a photo of herself in the blue dress documented on her Instagram stories, per The Inquisitr, with the shot appearing to deliver both Farrah’s sense of style and her current location in Venice, Italy.

While the snap may have ticked boxes for a picturesque canal backdrop and Farrah herself appearing to enjoy the setting, it looks like Farrah’s followers have been expressing sentiments regarding the star’s appearance. While early comments to Farrah’s post did appear to compliment her cleavage-flaunting dress and peaceful-looking pose, these responses quickly sunk to the bottom of the comments section. They now find themselves replaced by fan remarks honing right in on Farrah’s appearance.

“I used to think u were pretty but lately ur looking like a man..,” a fan wrote with others agreeing.

“Starting to look like a Ladyboy” was the most upvoted comment with 108 fans agreeing.

Hurtful or possibly trolling as the comment was, it did come backed by mass agreement, with a separate reply appearing to echo the sentiment.

“Also, you look like you’re in the middle of transitioning from female to…something else,” a fan wrote with 41 users upvoting the comment.

Farrah was also compared to Caitlynn Jenner – the former Olympian and Keeping Up With The Kardashians face is, of course, one of Hollywood’s most famous transgender individuals, formerly going by her name of Bruce Jenner.

Elsewhere, Farrah appeared slammed for her choice of fashion sense, plus the sentiment that seems the most prevalent on the star’s account. Fans simply seem to think that this former MTV face has undergone too many cosmetic procedures. One fan told the star that she is naturally beautiful, but their comment closed by stating they felt Farrah has had too much done. They called Farrah “unnatural,” although their words did come with a kind tone.

Farrah has been making headlines for her Venice Film Festival appearance. A major wardrobe malfunction that saw the star flash her nether regions made global headlines as Farrah took to the red carpet, although the star herself seems to have weathered the storm. Farrah has also been updating her social media from Venice with 10-year-old daughter Sophia. For many fans, seeing the two together has been a source of joy, but Farrah and that plumped-up physique did seem to dominate this post’s comments.