Sofia Richie Gets 'Legal AF' In Hot Pink Bodysuit

Sofia Richie shared a series of four new photos on the heels of her 21st birthday, as she declared that she's now "legal" in the captions.

The update consisted of photos that showed her rocking a sparkling, pink bodysuit that had fans talking.

The first photo showed Sofia posing in front of a tan wall, as she looked over her right shoulder at the camera. The bodysuit glittered, thanks to the lighting, as it hugged all of her curves. She placed her right hand on her hips and gave a coy look.

The second photo revealed her eye-catching hairstyle. She slicked her hair up into a long, braided ponytail. In the shot, Sofia popped her left hip dramatically, as she held her hair in her left hand. She posed against a mirror, as the flash illuminated her in a dark room.

In addition, a third photo showed Sofia mid-bite, as she held a fork with a giant piece of cake. She looked at the camera with her right elbow on the table, as she held a piece of dessert that read, "Happy 21st Birthday SOFIA."

Sofia's fans raved about the photoset in the comments section.

"One day someone will spoil me like this," hoped a fan.

"I'm literally bawling crying," declared another fan.

"I'm legal too but I don't look like that," said a follower, referring to the captions.

"She looks like Barbie," noted another follower, as others also made the connection.

But that wasn't all, with plenty more compliments that were sent the model's way.

"You're literally perfection," said a fan.

"Literally can u imagine being this stunning," said another fan.

"Where you stay at now I'll pull up," joked a follower, even though the photo was geotagged at the Wynn Las Vegas.

"If scott decided to break ur heart,, slide thru my dms," joked a fan.

"Anyone else tryna see the picture in the background," wondered a follower, who seemed distracted by the wall art.

On the other hand, there were also some followers that were a little more critical of Sofia.

"Stop tryin so hard, your beauty is all natural," advised a fan.

"Kylie wore it best!" exclaimed a follower, as others also thought that the outfit was first worn by Kylie Jenner during a different event.

"I'm not sure why celebrities act like 21 is a big deal for them when they already drink publicly before then," said an Instagram user.