Niece Waidhofer Wraps A Towel Around Her Body And Shows Off Major Skin

Niece WaidhoferInstagram

American Instagram model Niece Waidhofer is extremely popular on the website for her raunchy and provocative pics and funny captions.

She’s particularly famous for her Gothic and bondage-style pictures, which most of her fans find absolutely stunning.

In her latest snap, which was posted on Sunday, September 1, the model could be seen clicking a post-bath selfie. Niece loosely wrapped a towel around her body, while exposing major cleavage and a glimpse of her bare stomach.

She let her brunette tresses down, wore a full face of makeup, and winked at the camera to pose for the snap.

According to the geotag, the snap was captured in her hometown of Houston, Texas. Within an hour of posting, the picture racked up more than 25,000 likes and about 500 comments which shows that the model is immensely popular on the photo-sharing platform.

While most of the comments were complementary in nature, some of them were quite sexually explicit too.

The model, however, doesn’t seem to mind at all as she liked almost all the comments.

“Your boobs are really cool,” one of her fans wrote. In response, another fan added that “they are real and they’re spectacular.”

“You are so effing hot,” another fan commented on the snap.

“Looking extraordinary beautiful.. You are priceless,” a third admirer wrote.

Prior to posting the bathroom selfie, Niece treated her fans to yet another risque photo where she could be seen sitting on the floor, resting against the wall. The model wore a pair of long socks, a pair of shorts, and a skimpy gray tank top that she pulled down to expose major sideboob.

She wore a full face of makeup, let her hair down, and accessorized with a gray cap to pull off a very chic look. As of this writing, the picture has amassed more than 60,000 likes and over 600 comments where fans and followers showered the model with compliments.

“While everyone is going gaga over that BODY, actually, you have a REALLY pretty FACE,” one of her fans wrote.

“Nothing better than opening Instagram and seeing the hottest lady here right off. You make the rest of my Graham time bearable,” a fellow Texan chimed in.

“You are absolutely perfect,” a third fan commented on the pic to express his admiration for Niece.

Although it seems like the model doesn’t have time to read the plethora of comments on each and every pic, an article by The Sun revealed that Niece is quite sensitive about online comments. She once posted a pic of herself on Reddit’s “Roast It” section and asked people to post snide comments, which went out of control. As a result, the model had to delete her account, as she could not take it anymore.