Elizabeth Gillies Gets Naughty & Breaks Rules In Tiny, Sexy Dress

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Elizabeth Gillies recently flaunted her famous rebellious streak that her fans fell in love with back when she starred as a member of the cast on Disney’s Victorious.

It was just 48 hours ago that she broke Instagram when she shared a steamy snap of herself getting naughty and breaking a few rules.

The photo featured Elizabeth sitting on an expensive, pristine white animal print striped couch. The actress wore a sexy, form fitting mini dress while holding a sign that said, “no sitting,” which had clearly, at some point, sat on the couch to deter people from using it.

Elizabeth’s super glam ensemble consisted of a shimmery silver mini dress that hugged the celeb’s curves like a glove. The dress had a two-strap design that helped keep it in place despite the cut landing very low on the dress and showing off a fair amount of cleavage.

In the photo, Gillies sat in the center of the couch with her picturesque legs crossed in front of her. Her feet and ankles were draped just off the side of the couch. The lighting for the shot was dark.

In the background, followers could see other areas of what appears to be a set. So, it’s entirely likely that this was taken on-set during shooting for an episode of Dynasty. Unfortunately, there’s no confirmation of that. She posed leaning back on one hand and holding the sign with the other as she looked off-camera with a bold, mischievous look on her face.

The low blue-tint lighting really made Gillies’ shimmery dress pop, giving her look a very ’70s nightclub feel. She wore her hair in a sassy half-up and half-down style with waves that flowed down around her shoulders and some curled tendrils framing her face.

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Fall Fallon 3.0 ????

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The 26-year-old actress accessorized her glam party look with a pair of super high silver ankle strap platforms with a block heel. She opted for a selection of silver jewelry pieces, including a pair of long, dangling earrings and silver bangle bracelets.

The sizzling post contained a second photo with Elizabeth hoisting the “no sitting” sign into the air as she appeared to be getting even more comfortable on the couch.

Fans of the Dynasty rebel were quick to shower the post with love and attention. Since its addition to her Instagram profile, the photo has already received more than 714,000 likes and 1,700 comments.

“Couch looking like a plate and you a delicious snack on it,” one individual penned.

Fans of the actress can catch Gillies in her role as Fallon Carrington on Dynasty, which returns for a third season on October 11.