Simone Biles Reacts To Her Brother Being Arrested For A Triple Murder

Jamie SquireGetty Images

Famous gymnast Simone Biles is an Olympic gold medalist. She’s endured a lot of trauma throughout her lifetime, largely in part to the horrific acts of sexual abuse commited by former Olympic doctor Larry Nassar who is currently serving a lifetime sentence in prison. Now, her 24-year-old brother, Tevin Biles-Thomas, has been arrested in connection for a triple homicide that occurred in Cleveland. The news of his arrest spread like wildfire, largely in part due to the fact that his sister is so well known. Now, Simone is reacting to the shocking headlines, according to the New York Post.

Simone hasn’t released an official statement regarding her brother’s arrest, but she has expressed her disapproval of the way her name has been pulled into the whole mess. A lot of her fans don’t feel that it is really fair to Simone to include her name in the headlines regarding her brother’s arrest when she had nothing to do with the matter. Simone favorited a string of tweets that condemned media outlets for drawing unwanted publicity and attention to Simone when it was her brother that is in trouble with the law.

“So, saw a headline about Simone Biles brother. Thats kinda f***ed up. Why drag her name into it? She didn’t do anything wrong,” one fan wrote.

Another fan pointed out that how much good Simone has accomplished shouldn’t be overshadowed by a horrific crime her brother allegedly committed. The fan also emphasized how much many little girls look up to the gymnast for her extraordinary talent and determination.

“This is exactly why I hate the media in America. Has nothing to do with @Simone_Biles don’t drag her name through the mud because of something her brother did. She’s an American icon & hero for little girls everywhere.”

Simone favorited the tweet, suggesting she doesn’t wish to be apart of the media frenzy.

As far as Tevin, he’s been arrested for a triple homicide shooting that occurred at a New Years Eve party in 2018. The tragic event took place inside an Airbnb rental. According to CNN, the shooting happened when uninvited guests entered the party and a fight took place. The three victims were very young. Delvaunte Johnson was only 19-years-old and Toshaun Banks was 21-years-old. They both died at the party. The last victim, 23-year-old Devaughn Gibson died later in a hospital.

Tevin is currently being held in a jail in Liberty County, Georgia.