Cardi B, Chance The Rapper & T.I.'s Netflix Competition Show Gets Its First Official Teaser

Netflix is giving viewers a sneak peek at Rhythm + Flow with a teaser featuring judges Cardi B, Chance The Rapper, and T.I.

The three-week event series from the streamer will premiere on October 9 and has been dubbed "Hip Hop's first legit competition," per E! News. The show will follow the three award-winning rappers as they search for the next hip-hop star. The first teaser for the show was reportedly released after Cardi's set, which took place at Made In America over Labor Day weekend.

The trailer shows the three judges in various cities as they listen to potential competitors. The three are walking out of luxury cars and flying planes to travel for who they believe could be the next hitmaker. The trailer also shows the judges interacting with each other once the contestants are on the show's stage.

"Creativity doesn't have blueprints," Chance the Rapper says in the preview, per Rolling Stone.

"It's gonna be lit-y like a f---ing city." Cardi B promised.

The buzz about the Netflix competition began in November 2018. Cardi released an Instagram video in which she was expressing to her millions of followers that she was on the hunt for the next star in the hip-hop industry. It was during the video that she announced that T.I. and Chance were both on board for the project.

This is Netflix's first venture into the music competition genre. The streamer reportedly said in a statement that the show will fuse the most notable cities for music together to find their winner.

"[The show] "brings together industry legends across a multi-city search in hip hop epicenters Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and Chicago to find raw talent and help undiscovered artists pursue their come up," a rep for the streamer said.

The series will reportedly be broken down into two parts when it premieres in October. The show's first four episodes will reportedly cover the audition process, which will be held in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, and Chicago. Each episode is set to show the auditions in each city. The show will then reportedly return on October 16 and will focus on how the competitors are in different levels of rap. This is set to include cyphers, music videos, and rap battles. The final three episodes will include the contestants covering music from other artists, collaborations, and the final decision from the judges.

This is the first time all three judges have been at the forefront of a musical competition show.