Chandler Riggs Shares Throwback Photo Of Carl’s Final ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode

David BeckerGetty Images

It looks like Chandler Riggs is feeling a bit nostalgic this weekend. The former The Walking Dead actor recently took to social media to share an anniversary photo of his character’s final episode of the post-apocalyptic series, according to a report from ComicBook.

Chandler played the role of Carl Grimes, the son of former protagonist Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln. Chandler’s controversial exit occurred midway through the show’s eighth season after his character landed in a risky situation with a walker on top of him. The walker managed to infect Carl when it attached itself onto the boy’s flank. After making peace with his destiny, Carl showed the bite to his father and step-mother, Michonne, played by Danai Gurira. In one final act of bravery, Carl took his own life instead of forcing his father to kill him in his zombie state.

Chandler’s departure came as a surprise to fans as well as the actor and his family. The actor’s father, William Riggs, was very vocal about his displeasure surrounding the death of his son’s character.

“Just to clarify once and for all: Chandler didn’t want to leave the show,” Chandler’s father wrote, according to a report from TV Guide.

He went on to say that showrunner at the time, Scott Gimple, called a meeting to break the news to the family.

“Scott Gimple was the only one there and he told us that Carl would be gone in a few episodes. Chandler was absolutely devastated. I was disappointed Scott had been dishonest with a 17-year-old making life decisions and waited to tell us,” William continued.

However, it seems Chandler isn’t holding on to any negative feelings about the show’s decision. The actor posted a photo of himself with some of his former co-stars, including Lincoln and Gurira. In the photo, the actor is seen sporting a huge smile on his face while being embraced by the actors around him.

Chandler also expressed interest in reprising his role in the upcoming The Walking Dead movie, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

“That would be amazing,” the actor said when questioned about his feelings about returning to the franchise.

“It’d be so much fun to get to work with Andy again. That’d be great.”

And Chandler isn’t the only former The Walking Dead actor looking to team up with Andrew Lincoln again. Earlier this week, Fear the Walking Dead star Lennie James said he would absolutely jump at the opportunity to be a part of the new film. James, who played Morgan Jones on the series, said working with Andrew has been some of the best moments of his time on the show. He went on to say he has yet to bring up the idea to Scott Gimple, but he is open to the possibility, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

The Walking Dead movie is expected to hit theaters in 2020.